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Erica Miner: From Opera to Mystery Novelist Extraordinaire Contributed to Bookpleasures.com by Norm Goldman
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Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Erica Miner, a multifaceted talent who hasled an extraordinary life, traversing the realms of music, writing,and academia.

With a career that began as a violinist, honing herskills under the guidance of legendary figures in the music world,Erica has undoubtedly lived a life steeped in artistic excellence.

Erica graduated cum laude from Boston University. She continuedher musical journey at the New England Conservatory of Music and theprestigious Tanglewood Music Center, where she performed alongsideicons like Leonard Bernstein.

Her musical journey reached itszenith during her two-decade tenure as a member of the MetropolitanOpera Orchestra, where she collaborated closely with reveredconductors such as James Levine.

But it doesn't end with herillustrious music career. Following her retirement from theMetropolitan Opera, she harnessed her creative energy to embark on anew path as a writer.

Her journey as an author was nurturedthrough studying screenwriting in Los Angeles under the guidance ofscreenplay guru Linda Seger. Her writing talents have been recognizedwith accolades in prestigious competitions like the Santa Fe and 

Writer’s Digest contests. Her debut novel, TRAVELS WITH MY LOVERS,even secured her the Fiction Prize in the Direct from the Author BookAwards.

Erica’s contributions to the literary world extendbeyond her novels. She has crafted a series of novels titled FOUREVERFRIENDS, which delves into the coming-of-age experiences of fourteenage girls during the tumultuous 60s. 

Her suspense thriller,“MURDER IN THE PIT,” set in the world of the Metropolitan Opera,has garnered praise from both readers and critics alike.

Moreover,Erica is a gifted writer and an accomplished lecturer and poet. Herseminars and workshops have received acclaim throughout Californiaand the Pacific Northwest, earning her top ratings as a speciallecturer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Her insightful articleshave graced the pages of respected publications and websites,including OperaPulse.com, LAOpus.com, and the National Association ofBaby Boomer Women newsletter.

In our interview, we delved intoErica Miner’s extraordinary journey from the world of music to therealms of award-winning literature and insightful lecturing.

Theheart of Erica Miner's unique journey lies in her ability toseamlessly bridge the worlds of music and literature. Her backgroundas a violinist with the Metropolitan Opera provides a compellingfoundation for her mystery novels, particularly the Julia Koganseries, of which Prelude to Murder is a notable entry.

Her intimate knowledge ofthe inner workings of the opera world, with its high-stakes drama andtension, served as a wellspring of inspiration for her stories.

One of the distinctivefeatures of Erica's writing is the combination of music, mystery, andthe paranormal. This fusion creates a literary experience that istruly unique.

The opera world is knownfor its opulence, but beneath the surface, it can be a hotbed ofjealousy, rivalry, and intrigue.

Erica's novels draw backthe curtain on this world, revealing the personal conflicts and darkunderbelly that are often hidden from the audience's view.

Erica's choice of settingsis equally remarkable. Prelude to Murder is set at the Santa FeOpera, a location with which she was less familiar, and yet shemasterfully captures the essence of this place.

Her thorough research andexploration of Santa Fe's rich cultural and paranormal atmosphereshine through in the narrative.

This setting adds a uniquelayer of intrigue and mystique to the story, creating a rich tapestryfor the unfolding mystery.

The character of JuliaKogan, a gifted violinist and crime-solver, is a central figure inErica Miner's novels. Julia's character is a reflection of Erica'sown experiences, particularly when she was starting her career withthe Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Julia is a character witha sense of justice and a willingness to face danger head-on toprotect those she cares about. Her evolution throughout the seriesreflects the growth and resilience needed to navigate the challengingworld of opera and solve complex mysteries.

Erica's writing is amasterful blend of operatic lore and mystery. The operas shereferences in her novels, such as Lulu, Salome,and Lucia, are known for their intense and often violentthemes.

These operas serve as abackdrop to the mystery, enhancing the overall drama and intrigue.The use of literary and operatic references adds depth and resonanceto the narrative, creating a multi-layered and immersive readingexperience.

Erica's writing has drawncomparisons to the great Agatha Christie, a compliment she humblyaccepts. 

This comparison underscores her skill in crafting intricatemysteries and memorable characters. Erica's goal is to aspire toChristie's brilliance and to create a literary legacy that leavesreaders eagerly anticipating her next work.

As we concluded thisexploration of Erica Miner's remarkable journey, it is evident thather transition from the world of music to the realm of mysteryliterature has been a seamless and enriching one. 

Her ability toweave the world of opera into the fabric of her novels, along withher unique character, Julia Kogan, and her gift for crafting operaticand literary references, sets her apart as a truly exceptionalauthor.

Readers of Erica Miner'swork can look forward to Julia Kogan's next adventure, which promisesto be just as thrilling and immersive as her previous stories. 

Withnew locations, mysteries, and the same captivating blend of music andintrigue, Erica Miner's future projects in the series hold thepromise of continued literary excellence. We eagerly await the nextchapter in this extraordinary author's journey.

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