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Equinox Trainer’s Style Creates Loyalty and Results: Dane Sorensen, Pilates & Barre Fit Cardio Trainer, Makes Getting Better Fun
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Marina Del Rey , CA
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dane Sorensen Teaching Barre Fit Cardio at Equinox, Marina Del Rey

Getting in shape to survive the vicissitudes and demands of life and time, or when recovering from a serious injury or illness, are hard enough in the main, however, when someone comes along who forces one, or many, to "give it everything you have" while making you laugh and smile, well that is gift to be appreciated. Dane Sorensen, whom I encountered when I took my first mat Pilates class after joining Equinox in August 2017, is just such a person. Those who regularly attend his Pilates and Barre Fit Cardio classes at the Equinox Fitness Club in Marina Del Rey, where I am a member, go out of their way to make his classes, love his infectious personality and are sad when he is unavailable to teach.  

Lean, toned and muscular with close cropped hair and a trim beard, Dane's six-foot frame stands ramrod straight and is softened by a friendly smile and penetrating eyes. When you talk to him he listens and wants to know and help. Raised in Chicago, he got the figure skating bug at age seven after seeing Tanya Harding do a triple axel, he was hooked and trained in the sport from then thru high school. Having taken dance to improve his skating skills, after retiring the blades he took to dancing while training others in fitness. Having grown weary of the dance grind, Sorensen looked to training full-time and ended up taking the full 600-hour Pilates certification course, which he just completed recently.

His mentor was Brianna Mason, who worked for Equinox but is no longer affiliated, and he sought to emulate her style. I was able to take one of Brianna's last Pilates classes at Equinox and can attest to her amazing teaching skills combined with a real concern for those in her charge.

On September 14, I had been a member at Equinox for only a few weeks and had taken a complimentary Pilates training with the machines, but really had no idea what it was all about. After getting the rhythm of the place, I finally decided to try some fitness classes and saw Dane's Pilates class on the schedule and wandered in, this turned out to be a terrific move. After having run 500-miles in the soft sand and swam 3,000 laps, over the previous nine-months recovering from an illness, I had a decent but still unprepared foundation for what was to follow.

My first class was a poor showing but I liked the action, then after class I chatted with Dane and he told me, "If you want a good workout, attend my Saturday morning Barre Fit Cardio-Dance class, lots of beautiful women!" I froze in terror because I didn't know a Barre Fit Cardio from a Bass Fiddle, and then I replied, "If you tell me to be there, I will be there" He answered in the affirmative and the decision was made.

Now, since I was wandering in the dark and having only known this man for, well, no time at all, I already sensed here was someone to follow, someone I could trust to lead me down a beneficial path for my physical and mental well-being. I attended Dane's Barre Fit Cardio-Dance class, 40 women and me, and looked like an ass-in-the-world, but he gave me kudos for showing up and in the 60-days to follow Pilates and Barre Fit Cardio classes comprised one-third of the 91 fitness classes I participated in, and were both instrumental in vaulting my fitness level far beyond what I expected.

How events played out were exactly what I required at that moment, and I have Dane Sorensen to thank for pushing-pulling me along the fitness road. He made me want to jump into Pilates while it took a little longer to fully understand the value that Barre Fit Cardio was bringing to my fitness and health. I owe him a debt of gratitude that words won't suffice to express.  

How Dane Sorensen Makes Getting Better Fun: First, when he walks into class the room lights up as his rolling commentary starts with the nature of what to expect: hard work, sweat, progress and some fun, only some. Whether Pilates or Barre Fit Cardio, the class generally begins with ballet exercises and include admonitions that one hears throughout: "pull in those abs, chest out, square shoulders, long neck"

Dane's constant verbal encouragement amidst the pain he is inflicting is part drill sergeant and part comedian with cultural references to pop stars, actresses and, while making his rounds among the participants, one hears phrases like "don't cheat, I know all the cheats cause I've done them all" or "what are you doing, get your life together or "Ladies, imagine how your calves will look in those new Louboutins?"" All the time it is "straighten that leg, point that toe, elbows up, don't slouch, good work, here is my model, nice form, shoulders back, don't stop, feel the burn" and on and on and on.

He also makes you aware of what the successful work will mean in your life, which helps to lessen the pain enough to endure more with pleasure. At least once every class, Dane will reach back to the skating days and perform some type of jumping twist or leaping splits, this breaks everyone up and usually elicits applause.

Here is someone that makes coming to fitness class worthwhile beyond the exercise, however, make no mistake about it Dane Sorensen will drive you into the ground and make you glad for having done so.

This is a Healer Par Excellence who will make you better than you thought you could be, that is a gift to be appreciated.

Michael Joseph Butler
E.B. GO Vision Media
Marina Del Rey, CA