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Eloise Alterman - Music
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Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, November 24, 2022


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Eloise Alterman - Music 

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“Eloise Alterman’s music is crafted to tear at your heartstrings” –PEOPLE



     Singer-songwriter Eloise Alterman hasshared Sad Bird (The 4AMVersions), a stripped down acoustic version of herrecently released label debut project, Sad Bird, available now via ATCO/Big Yellow Dog/AtlanticRecords. 

     Produced by 2x GRAMMY® Award-winner DanielTashian (Kacey Musgraves, Tenille Townes), Sad Bird (The 4AM Versions) wasfirst heralded with the devastatingly emotive ballad, “I Still Love You (The 4AM Version).”

     “Four in the morning is one of the oddesthours,” says Eloise Alterman. “I’ve always called it the lonelyhour, as it doesn’t feel like morning and it doesn’t feel like night. It’salmost like you’re stuck between two different days. I decided to call theseversions of Sad Bird ‘The 4AM Versions’ because they are stripped back, raw,and softer – the way I would sing at the piano by myself at 4am.

Eloise Alterman   "4AM"

     Recently named by PEOPLE as one of the “Talented Emerging ArtistsYou Should Be Listening to All Summer Long,” Eloise Alterman’s deeplymoving debut EP Sad Bird, produced by 8x GRAMMY® Award-winner DaveCobb (Brandi Carlile, Chris Stapleton), is highlighted by the lushly texturedsingle, “Her.” “Her” was met by praise from such outletsas Glasse Factory, which declared it to be “a well-written,honest track that’s lyrics convey the pain of knowing that the person you loveis enamoured with someone else.

     In addition, Alterman recently got a head starton the holiday season with her touching new rendition of the classic “Blue Christmas,” originally performed in 1957 by Elvis Presley.


 Eloise Alterman creates music of exquisitesensitivity, finespun songs that capture the subtlest nuances of heartache andloss. A self-taught pianist/guitarist who began penning soul-baring songs inher early teens while growing up in Detroit, Alterman moved to Nashville aloneat age 17, without knowing a soul in all of Music City. After spending yearsworking on her own to sharpen her craft, Big Yellow Dog Music’s Carla Wallacesigned her and brought her to Atlantic. Alterman soon joined with ATCO Recordsa recent reactivation of the iconic Atlantic Records imprint first founded in1955, including previously signed acts like Genesis, the Bee Gees, Cher, DonnyHathaway) and Full Stop Management (Harry Styles, Meghan Trainor, John Mayer)on the strength of the music now showcased on Sad Bird – musicthat Alterman is now sharing with the world.


     With an understated yet captivating soundinformed by longtime influences like Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, SadBird presents an up-close portrait of heartbreak, healing, andself-discovery. Eloise Alterman boldly pushes outside her comfort zone to craftthe kind of timelessly poignant pop songs that cut right to the heart. Songslike “the deceptively anthemic “Sad Bird Still Sings” – penned whilealone in a hotel room near Utah’s Zion National Park – reveal the emotionalintensity Alterman has brought to her music since she first started writingsongs on the piano in her family’s basement. Newly based in L.A. after sixyears in Nashville, Alterman – whose recent TikTok cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” went viral with over 3M views and 115K likes todate – has already noticed a shift in her self-perception after so thoroughlyexploring the many stages of heartbreak.


       “Before I made this EP, I saw my sensitivity as anegative thing—I felt like it meant I was weak, but now I feel sostrong,” saysAlterman. “I still struggle with some of the things I wrote about, butit makes me feel good to know that people might take my songs and apply them totheir own lives. I hope it makes them feel better and more understood, and letsthem know that they’re not alone in their feelings.”


Her (The 4AM Version)

Sad Bird Still Sings (The 4AM Version)

Carousel (The 4AM Version)

I Still Love You (The 4AM Version)

Four In The Morning (The 4AM Version)

Seasons (The 4AM Version)

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