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E.B. GO Vision Media’s Edited Radio Podcasts of Nika Eshetu with Host James Lowe Show Reveal a Life’s Mission for Good
E.B. GO Vision Media E.B. GO Vision Media
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Dateline: Marina Del Rey , CA
Friday, December 01, 2017

In an effort to bring all of her skills to the public in a concise manner, with her telling the story, E.B. GO Vision Media booked their new client, Nika Eshetu, on James Lowe’s syndicated radio show and then edited the 20-minute audio file into eight-subject based radio podcasts that reveal the many of sides of her life, work and mission. Eshetu, a Pilates Trainer, Sports Fitness Specialist and Patient Empowerment Advocate, was a terrific guest whose concise and informative answers made the job of interviewing her considerably easier.

James Lowe is well-known for conducting informative and entertaining interviews of guests from across the spectrum of interests; from health to music; from business to politics; from travel to sports. Successful radio talk show hosts put their guests on a pedestal, for the story being told could easily change someone’s life out in radio land, or now in internet land. Talk radio, as opposed television news or talk shows, allows for a much wider-ranging and in-depth conversation, and that is what happened with Nika Eshetu on this show. 

A Thumbnail Sketch of Nika Eshetu:

She didn’t find The Work, The Work found her; She didn’t find a Life’s Mission, The Mission found her. Through the welter of pain, uncertainty and struggle discovered a highly noble purpose in life, one that taxes her young, strong and yet frail body. Born with a genetic chip ion her DNA strand, resulting in kidney and upper limb mobility issues, she ended up having a kidney transplant at age 21, a gift from her Mother, and then discovering Pilates as a means to build renewed energy, vitality and mobility into her body. This life-changing exercise regimen, a gift from Joseph Pilates to the world, allowed Nika to shed the use of many toxic prescription meds while she tuned up her diet and found a lifestyle pace which kept sickness at bay. 

And from that process grew a Mission to teach Pilates, fitness and natural solutions to others suffering from chronic pain or severe illnesses. Nika Eshetu’s experiences with doctors, pharmaceuticals and medical bureaucrats, combined with knowledge found in and out of that process, has made her a valuable asset for clients finding their own way through the weeds of traditional and natural treatment options. What is the old saying, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King,” well, in the land of modern medicine one needs six faces, three hearts and twelve eyes to navigate safely through the numbing maze of info and pressure. Modern medicine is indeed truly amazing, however, as was said in Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy (science).”

Nika’s empathy comes from knowing how it feels to be “in the process” and to be ignored and not listened to, feeling like a number, a chart or a test result; a past master in the lost Art of Listening, because survival in that world requires ears open to glean vital info, not much escapes her perceptive mind and sensitive soul when dealing with others. Nika’s Mission comes from riding thru the Dark Tunnel and finding her own way into the Light.

Below is the series of edited radio show podcasts that display the many facets of Nika Eshetu’s life and work from the James Lowe Radio Show. For more info go to

Patient Empowerment Advocate Nika Eshetu on Empathy for Clients After Her Own Health Struggles

Intro of Nika Eshetu, Sports Injury Specialist, & with Info on Pilates on James Lowe Radio

How Pilates Dramatically Improved Nika Eshetu’s Post Kidney Transplant Health Problems

Origins of Pilates, Life Changing Exercise, Explained by Nika Eshetu, Pilates Traine

Modern Medicine & Natural Solutions, Nika Eshetu Navigates Both World for Herself & Others

Nika Eshetu Heartwarming Client Success Story; He Got to Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle

Nika Eshetu on Golf Fitness, Back Pain & Pilates Exercise Training, She is a Golf Fitness Specialist

Teaching Pilates on Crystal Cruises, Many Get First Taste of Pilates Training & Love It

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