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Dwight Lee of Begus Insurance Group to Start Selling Final Expense and Term Life Insurance This Week
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Sunday, April 18, 2021


Low-Cost Final Expense Insurance

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Begus Insurance Group, a full-service insurance group based out of Los Angeles, California that works with clients on a personal understanding, recommending products that will serve them best, this week announced the hiring of insurance salesman and business mogul Dwight Lee.

Knowing all-too-well that there is a lack of education surrounding insurance policies and how they can aid in our present and future financial management, Lee has been outspoken regarding the importance of final expense, term life insurance, and Medicare supplements as individuals age.
For these reasons, Lee has elected to join the Begus Insurance Group, in an effort to ensure all of his clients are able to meet their personal needs as their lives change.

“Nothing in life is static, and the same holds true for our insurance,” said Lee. “I am passionate about spreading this kind of awareness, so individuals are not only making wise decisions for themselves, but so they are also looking out for the best interests and well-being of their families.”
Lee will be offering the following insurances through Begus Insurance Group: term life insurance that provides a death benefit if the beneficiary dies during a specified term; final expense insurance that provides individuals with a way to cover end-of-life expenses, like funeral arrangements for loved ones; and Medicare supplements ‘Medigaps’ that help fill in gaps in the Original Medicare.

“I believe that everyone over the age of 45 should consider having one of these policies,” said Lee. “I have personally experienced the loss of loved ones that were carrying no coverage, due to limited knowledge regarding the process of life insurance. I want to make sure no one else has to know what that feels like. We all deserve a safety net.”

As the statistics have shown, only 59% of Americans carry life insurance, mainly due to a lack of education surrounding the policy. A large portion of the senior community carry no savings, and especially no life insurance, living on a fixed income that provides zero payouts to children, should they pass away.
Lee and the Begus Insurance Group know that life insurance is an affordable way to protect any family, regardless of circumstances. They are urging all individuals to consider the power of a life insurance policy today.

For more information, or to read more about the Begus Insurance Group, visit: https://begusinsurancegroup.com/.

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