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Dreams Punta Cana Macao Beach Dominican Republic – A “DREAM” resort by AMR Collection and World of Hyatt
John Di Frances -- Keynote Strategic Innovation Speaker John Di Frances -- Keynote Strategic Innovation Speaker
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Dateline: Wales, WI
Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Starfish story ?

Be very careful. Keep them in the water. Found these gentle giants on way to Saona Island in the Dominican Republic

As a keynote speaker at corporate events – I do have the opportunity to travel a LOT for ‘work’. Sometimes, I even travel for fun. (okay – a LOT of the time!) I like to share positive experiences- and this one was OFF the charts.  If looking to take an all-inclusive trip, then look no further than the AMR Collection.  Here is my review from The Dominican Republic resort in Punta Cana – the flagship resort Dreams Macao Beach.
It never gets old!
Approaching the main entrance to an AMR Collection resort brings a heightened sense of excitement. They each have their own unique views from the main check-in area and look over the expanse of the grounds and resort – straight out to the ocean view.  They are always breathtaking to first walk in and see that majestic view as a precursor to the experience you’re about to delve deeply into sensing.
As we unloaded from our cool and comfortable AMStar transportation from Punta Cana airport to the resort we step out and are greeted warmly by name, with sanitizer and an offer a drink and cool towel.  (They are wonderful of course… but I want to see that view I’ve been dreaming about).
Then I step up
And look out
And THERE it is!
The anticipation was real. As is the magnificent display in front of me. A perfect blend of architecture, water features, both man-made and natural and landscaping.  YES – Dreams Punta Cana at Macao Beach – YOU have done it again!
I’ve been to a couple Dreams resort before in addition to a Breathless and Secrets as part of the AMR Collection.  Based on my past experience, when you find something that really works from every aspect, it’s a cinch to go back and try another.  Recently, the AMR collection became part of the Hyatt family, which opens up even more possibilities!
This trip was back to the Dominican Republic and we chose Punta Cana to experience the new Macao beach resort and a flagship Dreams property. It was most exciting to be there within the first 18 months of opening.  Here’s some thoughts in GREAT detail with photos, for those who truly want a full review and thinking of going to the Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.
Room Review:
Once you have a swim out room – it’s hard NOT to have it or want that again.  I booked two swim-out room in the preferred section (Photos).  Preferred adds some amenities along with a butler service and access to some more private areas.
Our butler was Tony, and what a magical man. Very attentive, kind and patient. He helped make the overall trip THAT much better ! (You should request him!)
If you have the means, I recommend you do both (Swim Out and preferred area).  If have to pick one or the other – try the swim out room first, then add on preferred.   Swim out helps as when the pools close at night – you still have access to “your private pool”.   This suite including a small jacuzzi add on as part of it.  AMAZING !
I think the best room in the resort (besides the big suites facing the ocean or The Villa’s I’d assume) is room 2004. It’s a suite very close to the beach, PLUS,  you get all the music from the activity pool, right next too the Barracuda bar (see photos) and great vicinity to all things Dreams- Sand, food and more. It’s a double room, so the swim out pool is fabulous and twice the size of most and has a lot of privacy from next door neighbors. Plus, the double size adds your own spa as part of the pool. The perfect spot to lay back, watch the stars and tune EVERYTHING else out.  Our other room was 2002 which is a tad bit closer to the beach, but a tiny bit less private on the swim out portion.  BOTH were incredible though.  They have a full sized fridge, Nespresso, kitchen table, living room with pull out and 2nd bathroom. A GREAT master suite of course as well with separating door and two access points to your patio with day bed and patio table.  HUGE main bathroom with double shower heads and sinks, nice tub and separate toilet room.  Lots of storage in both areas as well.
Having been to Dominican Republic a few times before.  Sea Weed can be a problem on many beaches.  It’s not as bad here, and each day they clean it up anyway.  Plenty of space in all sections with an amazing area under some great trees on the main beach area.  While the hotel was near full capacity, I did NOT feel I had to get there early to get a good spot. There was still perfect shade, surf and sand when you wanted.
This area of the island does have waves – so surfing is possible, but don’t expect massive swells.  The preferred area team member during our stay was “Willy Wonka”.  VERY attentive and fun to be around. He took care of us with drinks, food, towels – whatever we needed. Thank you Willy !
The non-preferred area was equally as impressive.  Perfect palms and umbrellas shading your beach extravagance with many options of lounge chairs.  Not too busy with beautiful sand.  In fact, the non-preferred section was closer to the water and we loved that and spent a lot of time there as well.
SO many to pick from, so you’ll have all the options you might want.  My best (and wildest day) was at the preferred pool (adults).  The team there was 2nd to none.  Leidis made the best Passionfruit Margarita’s and our server “J” – kept delivering them.  (Photo)
The swim up pool bar and activity poolwas always happening.  Water polo was a great workout and met some great people as I did with volleyball.  So much fun or simple hanging over the ledge on the infinity edge looking at the ocean was relaxing and wonderful. There are many great activity leaders and “The Black Grape” was the name that was hard to forget and kept us going in a great way.
Keep walking towards the main building and you’ll find a 2nd infinity style pool with two Jacuzzi style tubs built into the MIDDLE of the pool.  NEVER seen that before and they were popular. REALLY cool!
A kids pool. (we bypassed that as kids are older) and another pool that we didn’t even get too.  Actually, we didn’t get to TWO of them as I haven’t even mentioned the water park on the other side of the resort.  I did walk over there to check it out and it still exemplifies the luxury and service as all other areas of the resort. It was HUGE and not very crowded, which looked great. Need to do that next time.
Much to choose from, but didn’t get to all of the restaurants.
The buffet:  Raul tended the buffet and always had a smile and greeting for us . Maria checked us in and was the first I gave a hug to when departing the resort.  She was so sweet and helpful. Great variety of food in the buffet.
Villaire served us at the steakhouse as well as a private dinner we organized one night. He along with everyone took the approach of “That’s Why I’m here” as opposed “That’s not my job”.
EVERYONE, looked for a solution and catered to creating a great experience for your whole family. That’s hard to find in the US at times, but it was very apparent they were genuinely interested in you at this Dreams Macao Beach.
We also did the French restaurant, Japanese, Oceana and steakhouse.  All presenting great options along with classy service.
Don’t skip the desserts- the goodness just keeps coming !
Our amazing host of all the restaurants was Shaira.  She was the crowning jewel on the experience as was always attentive to making sure you had a great experience and checking on us for the next night. Thank you Shaira !
What can I say?  There were many of them?  They do have some premium liquors at most bars, but not all.  AND, sometimes you do need to ask for them, or otherwise you may get a different one. But Passionfruit Margarita with Jose – was the ticket!  Favorite spot of the week, was actually morning coffee at CoCo Cafe and taking it over to sit on the swings at Barracuda bar and watch the sun peek through the sparse clouds or rise.  (Photo) That could not have been any better – and will be the first thing I do when I return to Dreams Macao Beach in Dominican Republic.
If you do opt for the preferred section, the preferred lounge bar area has great selection of drinks that other areas may not and always some great snacks.   Especially perfect at check-in and check-out.
Excursions and Extras:
AmStar is a great excursion company that I’ve had the opportunity to experience before.  This time we head out to Saona island.  A national landmark and true Caribbean experience of perfection. (Photos)
Our best meal was a meal under the gazebo in the main gardens and a special meal served ocean side in white-glove style fashion. (Photo) I have two kids that aren’t big seafood fans – but THIS fish was like nothing we’ve ever had.  They LOVED it, as did I.  Served in true Dominican style and spice along with friend plantains, it was magnificent and my best meal there for the week.
I took a surf lesson down the beach with Surf Adventures. I have surfed before, but had been many years.  The water was perfect.   Waves were medium as previously stated, so I nice place to learn should you have the interest.
Being in the preferred area, we had the opportunity to have an attendant for our room and service needs on request.  Tony was a dream.  He checked in with us each morning with the list of activities, helped coordinate excursions, meals, transportation etc. He even followed up to make sure we all got home safely.
Gym – Fitness room. AGAIN, welcoming attendant who kept me coming back. New equipment that was clean and nice.
Okay – will I return to another AMR Collection? Undeniably YES.
I’ve been to several, and this being a new flagship one – I was in love with the people, the amenities and the resort overall.
When looking for a resort in Punta Cana in Dominican Republic – Dreams Macao Beach of AMR Collection is a sure bet for couples or families. Don’t hesitate (and go get that jacuzzi in your swim out room . . . . !)
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