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Double Down on Digital Tech Innovation
Gregg Fraley -- Best Keynotes on Creativity & Innovation Gregg Fraley -- Best Keynotes on Creativity & Innovation
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago , IL
Friday, October 23, 2020


Adjust Innovation Project Roadmaps Now

Fraley Oracle Predictions for 2020 & 2021

Like everyone else innovators have been thrown a loop during Covid19. Strategic plans so carefully developed now look like Napoleon’s disastrous return from his invasion of Russia (see graphic).
Napoleon didn’t adjust his plans. He lost his army and his empire.
Our businesses are in Moscow now. We’ve got decisions to make with how to get home. How organizations return from Covid19 determines their futures.
Created by the legendary Charles Minard in 1869. Red is the trip out, Black is the trip home. That wouldn’t have been much fun.
This Covid19 disaster is an opportunity. More uncertainty will freeze some of your competition. Survivors prosper. Things will get better eventually, but the time is now to prepare for that lovely day when the sun comes out again. My key advice is in the headline above, time to double down on digital.
But first, for planning purposes, let’s look at the future and a possible timeline for the return. I could be wrong, if it’s longer, the double down strategy is still viable, but it won’t pay off as soon.

Fraley Oracle Predictions for 2020 & 2021

In late 2021 the sun will emerge, starting fourth quarter. Until then it will be tough sledding.
  1. I predict hold-ups in the vaccine(s). We’re already seeing this and I don’t wish it, but the silver bullet won’t come easy. Even when we have it, the ramp up to production, logistics to distribute, and the issues related to reluctance will slow things down.
  2. I predict big strides in therapeutics which will drastically reduce the danger of death from infection. Various new technology and treatments will emerge second quarter 2021 and improve through the year. Between these innovations and a useful vaccine, by 2022, this will be actually, really, be more like the flu.
  3. I predict that Biden will win, and he will implement a national plan that will eventually, slowly, methodically, painfully, work. The testing and tracing we should have done will be put in place and it will be hell, but it will get done. Like all huge government programs there will be SNAFU’s. It will still work in the long run.
  4. Post election months will be a nose bleed of Rocky proportions, and this will include social unrest, domestic terrorism, a rough transition to a new administration, and national angst, but we’ll come through this. Keep your hard hat on, your head down, don’t get distracted, and keep innovating.
  5. The smart players are doubling down on Digital Tech. Big companies already had digital projects in their pipeline, some will adjust and do more, dropping or delaying other projects with more person-to-person aspects.
  6. Small business should focus on digital as well, with a keen eye looking at re-imagining their business models.

To Revise Innovation Roadmaps: Double Down on Digital

… as an important way to adjust to the disaster, and prepare for better days. Why?
  1. Digital should already be in your Innovation Roadmap. If it is, move those projects forward.
  2. Digital technology is a match for the new normal. More remote work, more virtual work is where we’re going, by necessity. The development work of digital projects can, mostly, be done remotely, as can testing and refinement.
  3. You may have to create some small team, safe, working bubbles.
  4. It’s a safer play, it protects your workforce.
  5. Digital projects with an inward focus, such as including AI or Blockchain in workflow or internal systems are a good place to start.
  6. Look for combinations of a new digital technology with an old product line, service, or process. This examination should be at the heart of searching for what projects you might do.
  7. Look for bottlenecks. Theory of Constraints is a great tool to identify where un-blocking a process can drop money to your bottom line.

Free Offer — Digital Technology Project Ideation Tool

Regarding looking for combinations, GFi has developed a Digital Technology Mash-Up Deck (aka GFi MoshPit Deck). Essentially it’s a visual tool for coming up with project ideas. You pick up a card and ask yourself how might you make better use of, for example, Robotics. There are 30 cards now and we’re adding more weekly. The deck is free and the catch is we’d like to present it to you and pitch my add-on services. It’s not painful; takes 45 minutes.
The GFi MoshPit Deck is a great virtual tool, using Zoom and the Stormz online ideation system. GFi clients have broken out of the box using it. We customize session design to your organizational context.
Get in touch is the MoshPit Deck and pitch are of interest.
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