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Lillian Too -- Feng Shui Expert Lillian Too -- Feng Shui Expert
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Dateline: Los Angeles , CA
Wednesday, April 05, 2017

There are so many miracles in life that we miss! In fact they are happening every day of our lives…if we would only stop long enough to recognize them. Just the fact that we were born humans rather than animals or insects is a miracle in and of itself.
But miracles also abound in all realms of existence…the animal and insect realm as well. Watch this short video and I think you will understand what I mean.

I am an observer of signals…sent by other people, situations and also by the universe. This requires living in a state of awareness and being alert to my surroundings, friends, and things in nature, my dreams and circumstances that are happening in my life. Although it may sound tedious, actually with practice and over time it becomes quite easy…almost second nature in fact. Living this way I don’t miss the miracles…or at least not many and for that I am grateful.
Try living this week with a more watchful eye…and listen closely to everything. Become an observer of the many signals sent your way! Live in a state of constant awareness.


An Awesome Way To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence
Choose an early morning hour, a day when the sun rises on a clear horizon and you are feeling well rested after a good night’s sleep. Go to a quiet place which can be indoors or outdoors and you will be alone.
First close your eyes gently with a light smile on your face and fill your mind with happy thoughts.  Breathe in and breathe out steadily and imagine yourself looking rested and beautiful…possessed of an inner quiet glow.  Feel clever and well-groomed…feel at peace with the world and then SLOWLY focus on the details of your SELF.
Work at creating a firm sense of confidence growing within you.  Think of your latest triumph or a moment when you felt good about yourself.  Nurture this feeling.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Go through a small list of all the blessings in your life.  Become aware of yourself becoming more positive.  Think these thoughts until you feel your body start to warm up.
Now visualize a powerful bright light just above your head…it’s as blinding as the sun.  This bright orb of light is sending rays and rays of bright yellow golden light raining down on you.  The rays of light feel warm and gentle ad they fill your body with powerful rays of confidence.
Try keeping this visualization of rays of golden light enveloping you with new found confidence for as long as you can.  If you can maintain the image for a full minute it would be wonderful.  Think of all the things you want…and be convinced that the light rays coming to you from the cosmic orb are bringing you all that you wish for.  Easily and effortlessly.
Do this practice daily for a month and watch your self-confidence skyrocket.  Here’s a tip:  write a script if you think it will help!

Acknowledge Your Spirit’s Powerful Wisdom Source

There is a subtle life force…an all-encompassing energy presence that resides deep inside us affecting every aspect and dimension of our life. It is by tuning inward that we can connect with it.
Think of your spirit as an invisible life force composed entirely of energy – without form or substance and know that it is this powerful wisdom source of your spirit that nourishes your body and mind. When you connect with this inner source an awakening occurs that accelerates the flow of energy and fuses the chi of mind, body and spirit or what the Chinese refer to as tien, ti and ren – heaven, earth and mankind.
The Flow Of Light
Some refer to the manifestation of life force or chi as the flow of light…the vibration and movement within our bodies going on all the time. As life courses through the heart and blood vessels there is movement, and therefore there is also inner yang spirit energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the vital points of the body stay connected via meridians and these meridians or energy lines flow through the human body, directing chi.
Inner and Outer Vibrations
When we begin to tune inwards we become aware of both inner and outer vibrations with people and the world around us and our mind and body develop new auditory sensitivities. Before long we begin to hear and feel our inner vibrations and we realize that we vibrate differently with different people. This inner wisdom tells us who and what excites us, what makes us happy.
Accessing the Spiritual Self
Begin today to connect to your own spiritual essence and become sensitive to your internal vibrations. Over time you will instinctively respond in tune with them. Develop your awareness by making a conscious effort to focus your mind inwards.Accessing the spiritual self involves reaching inward for the energy source within…your inner chi. It is a very personal, wonderful and sacred adventure.
Grand Master Lillian Too is undoubtedly the world’s most prolific and popular writer and advocate on living with good feng shui! She has written over 100 books that have been translated into 31 different languages, and over 10 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide.
After graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Lillian went on to pursue a highly successful business career in banking and finance in the 1980’s in Hong Kong. Her business acumen, drive and abundant energy soon led her from the finance world to the world of luxury department stores and boutiques where, through a leveraged buy out, she became Chairman and shareholder of The Dragon Seed Group.
All the while she was guided and taught by her feng shui masters in Hong Kong and China – and she attributes much of her monumental and quick rise to success in Hong Kong directly to them.
Lillian soon decided to retire from active corporate life and return to Malaysia to raise her beautiful daughter, Jennifer, and spend more time with her family. It was at this time she began to devote her energy to writing and furthering her study of feng shui.
She published her first book in Malaysia in 1995 that quickly became a best seller and the rest is history. Today she is Chairman of Wofs.Com, a feng shui franchise and merchandising company run by her daughter, Jennifer Too.
She trains feng shui students and future consultants at her Certified Consulting Institute in Malaysia and is much loved by her readers, associates and students for the way she teaches practical feng shui in a user-friendly way, using ordinary situations and circumstances that interest people and affect their everyday lives.
In November 2009, at the International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore, the well-deserved title of GRAND MASTER OF FENG SHUI was conferred upon Lillian Too. Immediately following this accolade, in early January 2010, she received the prestigious Brand Laureate Personality of The Year Award presented by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia! There seems to be no stopping her popularity and these days!
Lillian believes everyone should know her secrets and learn how to adapt feng shui to modern life… and she warmly welcomes you into her Mandala.You can learn more about Lillian by visiting her website at www.lillian-too.com.
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Lucky Window Openings
Windows that open outwards are always luckier that windows that slide up and down. Outward opening windows invite good fortune. If your windows slide up and down or side to side then it’s a good idea to frame your window with a darker colored paint. This lets the chi outside know that there is an opening through which it can enter the home. Oh and it’s always a good idea to keep the window open as much as possible…weather permitting of course!
If you feel you may not be capable of a job or situation and self-doubt sets in, you lose all of your staying power and fear takes over. When this happens, you must find the courage to fight your misgivings. Everyone feels afraid at some point – it’s only natural. Acknowledge your fear and believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to accomplish.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave


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