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Domestic Violence Dangers as Texas Governor Signs Abortion Ban
Susan Allan -- The Marriage Forum Susan Allan -- The Marriage Forum
Santa Barbara, CA
Thursday, September 2, 2021


Texas women become Third World Citizens overnight as The Supreme Court allows Abortion Ban, opening door for increased Domestic Violence for Texas women who seek out-of-state abortions.

Republican governor, Greg Abbott of Texas, has enacted Senate Bill 8 barring abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, at around 6 weeks, without exceptions for rape or incest. Now, women in Texas, like slaves, have no rights over their own physical bodies and health! From now on, Texas women will seek the same dangerous illegal abortions that their grandmothers found; "back alley" abortions performed by unqualified individuals.

 For the first time since 1973 when Roe v Wade was passed by the Supreme Court, a state has banned most abortions! Separation of church and state, the fundamental Constitutional right, has been revoked in Texas collapsing under the Supreme Court's majority of pro-lifers who ruled 5-4 against blocking this Texas law.  

The most punitive aspect of this horrific law is the elimination of abortion freedom for victims of rape and incest as well as the newest cruel twist, citizens' rights to sue those seeking or abetting abortion.  Anyone involved in abortion procedures after six weeks of pregnancy is liable to multiple lawsuits. Any women and any caregiver, friend, or family member who assists with an abortion, including traveling to and from the medical care or supplying the funds can be sued for up to $10,000 including attorney fees!

This new ban turns neighbors against one another similar to the Third Reich's reward system for informants! Now anti-abortion vigilantes can add desperate women to their list of bounty hunting murders and rapists.  Now secrecy is the new way of life for so many women in Texas as it has been in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and as it is again in Afghanistan!

Domestic Violence has been one of my specialties for 22 years; here is what YOU Need to DO NOW if you think you may be pregnant in Texas, IF there is ANY chance that you do not want to deliver.  


  1. Leave Texas ASAP if you think you MAY need an ABORTION- do not attempt to have an abortion in Texas!
  2. Keep any PREGNANCY secret in case you decide to terminate it.
  3. When you leave town for an abortion in another state, someone may block your departure so be SILENT and SECRETIVE.
  4. You MUST hide your TRAVEL and your pregnancy from EVERYONE as a partner wishing for more children may become violent if your plan to abort is known.
  5. TRAVEL ALONE to an out-of-state abortion to prevent a friend who drives you or even accompanies from being sued for helping you!
  6. Place a secret LOCK CODE on your PHONE if you live in Texas, deleting all text messages relating to these issues
  7. EMAILS leave a footprint on a computer so avoid emailing about abortion if you live in Texas or are communicating with someone who does.  

I offer a complimentary 1-hour telephone session to schedule email susan@susanallan.org and find a completely private place for your call.

Domestic Violence is OFTEN triggered by these DISAGREEMENTS:

  1. CHILDREN: The number of children in a family is often disputed. Never argue; instead hide your birth control pills and pay cash for the prescription which you get from a doctor unknown to your partner. Other methods of birth control are too easily discovered so this is an additional an urgent challenge for women in Texas.  
  2. MONEY: Spending money for birth control is often blocked as well as unexplained travel; therefore, keep your own carefully hidden money
  3. PREPARE in SECRET: When Texas barred most abortion procedures amid the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, the number of patients who traveled out of state for care jumped nealry 400%
  4. ABSENCE FROM HOME: The average trip to an abortion clinic in Texas was 12 miles, it will now become 248 miles one-way, nearly 500 miles round-trip, according to  The Guttmacher Institute.  Know that anyone who lies for you is vulnerable to being sued. 

In the past, women throughout the US could visit a doctor and have a secret abortion because they held dominion over their own body; not anymore! Before September 2nd any woman in Texas could ask friends and family to help with the cost and travel for abortions. She could find support for post-op recovery; now each woman is alone, opening the door to domestic violence if a right-to-life husband or boyfriend learns his partner doesn't want to continue the pregnancy.  Abortion "Bounty Hunters" may surface and quickly multiply.

I offer a complimentary 1-hour telephone session to schedule email susan@susanallan.org and find a completely private place for your call.


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