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Dogs sense Good and Evil
Bash Dibra -- Dog Trainer to the Stars Bash Dibra -- Dog Trainer to the Stars
Riverdale, NY
Monday, June 20, 2011


Pets: Animal Behaviorist Bash Dibra Illustrates How They Can Contribute To The Pet Owners Personal Safety

Animals, mostly dogs in particular, are often used for security purposes by government agencies, police departments, or by C.E.O's of large corporations. Canines have become the major source of protection and prevention where personal safety is the key issue.

Why a dog and not a security system or a class in self-defense? Dogs are actually biologically programmed to detect such dangerous situations. World renowned animal behaviorist and author Bash Dibra says, "Dogs naturally sense and differentiate between good and evil, friend and foe. They are very intelligent animals with a specific biological make-up that allows them to make educated judgments in regard to personality." In his book Dogspeak, Dibra outlines this, as well as other, intriguing and generally unknown phenomena of dogs. Dogspeak educates the reader in interpretation of their dog's actions. Using this tool, a dog owner is able to interpret his dog's response, resulting in determination of his own response.

Bash explains, "Dogs have the ability and intuition to judge a person's character with an initial encounter. In the case of an ongoing threat, dogs can be especially useful in discovery and identification against threatening people that are most often filled with anger and fear. These are both emotions that dogs sense immediately." But the ability of dogs goes far beyond general intuition. In fact, the biology of dogs makes them master detectives. The first element a dog notices in an encounter is scent. Dogs have a measure of scent that allows them to smell even a drop of a substance in 10 thousand gallons of water. With this incredible ability, smelling the sweat that results from the fear and anger of a threatening person is a simple task. Dogs are also able to differentiate between the scent of a person who is simply new or nervous but harmless, and one who has the intent to harm. The resulting adrenaline released in the dog dictates the intensity of the dog's response."

Dibra says, "Instinct and biological make-up allow dogs to be natural detectors of danger. With proper training, dogs have the potential to sniff out very specific elements that may lead authorities confidently to any threats. When we are at risk, the most important thing is that we take the measures necessary to protect ourselves and those around us. An investment in a dog is a basic yet invaluable way to do this."

Bash is a renowned author of six books and a video, "Teach Your Dog to Behave, Dog Training By Bash, DogSpeak, CatSpeak, Your Dream Dog: A Guide to Choosing the Right Breed for You," StarPet, "How to Make Your Pet A Star," and a video and DVD "Teach Your Dog To Behave." They are available at book stores and pet stores around the country and you can also order a specially autographed copy from his website at www.bashdibra.com. Bash's books are also available on Kindle, the iPad, and e-books.

Pls note: Bash is available for phone interviews, or on-site interviews in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT.)

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