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Do you need to accept and appreciate yourself?
Dr. Brent Davis -- FlorAlive UNCUT Flower Essences Dr. Brent Davis -- FlorAlive UNCUT Flower Essences
Nashville, TN
Thursday, February 7, 2019

Blue Lechenaultia
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"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."

– Samuel Clements aka Mark Twain


Lobelville, TN, 02/07/2019

Do you need to accept and appreciate yourself?


What better way to support this positivity and earn one's self-approval than with BLUE LECHENAULTIA?

Herbal Supplement, BLUE LECHENAULTIA, (Lechenaultia beluba) is a Single Uncut Flower Essence believed to instill the unconscious belief, "I accept and appreciate who I am." – Dr. Brent Davis, founder of FlorAlive® Uncut Flower Essences.

In his book, THE HAND OF GOD, Dr. Davis recommends a few drops of BLUE LECHENAULTIA in a 16 – 24 oz. water bottle sipped throughout the day as a good starting point to begin the personal healing process of recognizing self-worth and self-acceptance.  Different people will observe different rates of transformation so one must be attentive to one's feelings and monitor dosage accordingly.

Conventional extraction methods from cut flowers contain residual sap from the plant.  Because there is no material extracted in uncut flower essences, (only information and memory are transmitted,) they are absolutely harmless to the physical body.  Dosage is determined by how quickly one wishes to see transformation.  Self-awareness will let you know what works best for your personality.  In this way, FlorAlive® works similarly to homeopathic modalities.

For more information on how to take FlorAlive® products, please watch this brief video by Dr. Brent Davis.


FlorAlive® remedies are prepared from UNCUT flowers and hence contain all the plant’s healing frequencies in an optimally coherent state. Other flower essences are prepared from cut flowers. Dr. Davis’s method is patented worldwide. FlorAlive flower remedies are created from uncut flowers.

In addition to being a licensed chiropractor in California and Tennessee, Dr. Davis has post-graduate training in classical homeopathy and applied kinesiology, as well as solid core training in numerous other natural diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. When he is not treating patients or traveling on “floral adventures,” he lives on his organic herb farm in the center of the FlorAlive® Forest, 75 miles outside of Nashville.

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