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Do bullies realize that they are bullies?
Stephen R. Balzac, Leadership Development Expert Stephen R. Balzac, Leadership Development Expert
Stow , MA
Saturday, October 02, 2010

Stephen R Balzac
We've all heard the news about the suicide at Rutgers. Bullying is in the news almost every day and yet it continues to happen.

Do bullies even realize that they are bullies?

The answer is, probably not. Most people who hurt others are caught up in the moment and don't recognize the harm they are causing.

How can we show them before someone gets hurt or commits suicide? With predictive scenario serious games. By putting people in ambiguous scenarios in which bullying behavior can occur and can then be shown to the participants afterward, people can learn the traps that cause bullying behavior without actually hurting anyone.

Effective bullying prevention means answering the following questions:

Why do many bullies not realize what they are doing?

How can bullying be explained through organizational development?

What are predictive scenarios and how can they be used to prevent bullying?

How do predictive scenarios reduce bullying by improving leadership behavior?

What makes predictive scenarios so effective?

What is the difference between rationalization and sex? How does that apply to bullying?

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He also holds an appointment as an adjunct professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Stephen R. Balzac
7 Steps Ahead, LLC
Stow, MA