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Do You Like to Read?
Sharrye Schlerf  ---  Gallery Books Press Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press
Richmond, VA
Thursday, October 8, 2020

New Deal v. the New Normal

Do you enjoy reading?

Do you savor historical works.  Mysteries. Christian genre?
How about Christian prophetic thrillers that study historical timeline.
Then find "Direction in an Age of Confusion" by Sharrye Schlerf, author, chaplain and publisher at Gallery Books Press.
An epic work, years in the making, Chaplain Schlerf has also created a new blog "The Prophet's Blog" as backgrounder insight relaying scripture parallels.
Gather with us for our premiere Book Club October 19th hosted by Ms. Schlerf that will be analyzing the first segment of "Direction in an Age of Confusion".
This ebook is available by segment subscription at Gallery Books Press.  http://ow.ly/E5YW30r8Yrg
Discover daily inspiration from "The Prophet's Blog" with fresh historical perspective.  http://ow.ly/VBq330rcrZV
This week's editions featured topics from WWII courage to the New Deal
Blog 12 theme
What is Courage. Ms. Schlerf offers her favorite example sd "Hacksaw Ridge", the story of Desmond Doss from Lynchburg VA. The story of courageously saving wounded troop mates during WWII. Eternal theme: not give up when being tested.
Blog 13 theme
Seeks to analyze and compare differentials between the Declaration of Independence & our Constitution. Still valid by modern usage. Or muse "change" amid changing times.  
Blog 14 theme
Its the The New Deal v. the New Normal. Wall Street. NYSE crash v. Dow surge. Structure versus infrastructure. WPA programs versus delayed Stimulus. In God we trust.
Check out prior blogs  http://ow.ly/VBq330rcrZV    
Stay connected these days. Book Clubs can be ideal to meet new online acquaintances + express sentiments -- especially timeline perspective & current events. Meet us at our new book club for a meeting of the minds. RSVP online.
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Name: Sharrye Schlerf
Title: Publisher
Group: Gallery Books Press
Dateline: Williamsburg, VA United States
Direct Phone: 804-384-9325
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