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Diverse Dimensions: John Moen's The World of 'Never Saw It Coming Reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com
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Dateline: Montreal, Quebec
Friday, May 17, 2024


Author: John Moen

Publisher ?: ? Woody Roberts

ISBN-10 ? : ? 1734657979

ISBN-13 ? : ? 978-1734657975

Embarkon a riveting literary voyage with John Moen's "Never Saw ItComing," an enthralling anthology of short stories pulsatingwith twists, turns, and unforeseen revelations.

This collection is amasterclass in crafting surprise endings. Moen's ability to shifttones between stories is impressive, making it hard to believe theyare written by the same author. 

He is a "raconteur parexcellence," infusing each narrative with a magnetic charm thatguides readers through over fifty captivating stories segmented intofive thematic sections: "The Journey," "Crime andTreasure," "Creatures Great and Small," "Not forthe Faint of Heart," and "Conflict and Disaster."

Manyof the stories teach valuable lessons with thought-provoking moralsthat are not always apparent at first glance. One such story is"USELESS." This tale centers on an injured horse supposedlymauled by a cougar. A farmer, eager to rid himself of the horse,convinces a young lad to take it away for fifty dollars—an offer hecouldn't refuse.

Despitehis lack of experience with horses and learning that cougars have notbeen seen in the area for centuries, the young lad decides to adoptthe horse and nurse it back to health at Harvest Home Farm. 

Hisfriend, who referred him to the farm, warned that the owner might notbe pleased with boarding an injured horse, which could not be writtenoff as a tax deduction. Since the farm owner spent most of his timeat his sporting goods store in the city, he was unaware of thehorse's condition. The young lad chose not to inform the owner aboutthe horse's injury until it healed.

HarvestHome Farm was leased to an organization providing vacationexperiences for children largely confined to hospitals. Thisarrangement had multiple benefits: it provided additional funds forthe farm owner, a charity tax write-off, and the satisfaction ofcontributing to a good cause.

Whenone of the children first saw the horse, she asked if it had been inan accident. The lad responded, “This happens to be a mare. That'sa female horse.” The child replied, “I'm not an idiot. Everybodyknows that. What's her name?” The lad asked, “What would you callher?” She answered, “Useless.”

Asthe story unfolds, it becomes clear that the horse was anything butuseless. The mare defied expectations and stereotypes, proving thatone should never judge based solely on appearances or initialimpressions. 

She found her purpose in bringing joy and comfort tosick children, highlighting the importance of companionship and itspositive impact on mental and emotional well-being. This underscoresthe idea that every being has something unique to offer and can findtheir purpose given the right circumstances. Despite her past trauma,Useless persevered, bringing positivity and light into the lives ofthose around her, reminding us of the resilience within eachindividual even in the face of adversity.

Thisengaging story features a well-developed character and a compellingplot that immediately captured my attention. Moen cleverly weaves themoral seamlessly into the narrative, which becomes apparent only atthe end. 

It left me reflecting on my values and actions, promptingintrospection. Ultimately, the story resonated because it balancesentertainment with meaningful insight, making the moral bothmemorable and influential.

Moenhas been writing short stories since childhood, driven by a love forstorytelling rather than financial gain. As a history major at TheOhio State University, he began collecting interesting facts, whichinspired several stories in this collection. With a glint of mischiefin his eye and a profound storyteller's finesse in every gesture,John crafts a tapestry of tales that beckons readers into realms ofintrigue and wonder.

NeverSaw It Coming” not only entertains but also encouragesintrospection, making it a must-read for anyone who appreciates theart of the short story.

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