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Dishonor Thy Father - New Multicultural Mystery-Thriller Inspired by Real-Life Issue of Honor Killings
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Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dishonor Thy Father - New Multicultural Mystery-Thriller Inspired by Real-Life Issue of Honor Killings

Inspired by the controversial subject of honor killings, the new mystery-thriller novel Dishonor Thy Father spans three decades and two continents as it boldly explores contemporary issues of ethnicity, sexism, spirituality, and social mores in today's complex and heated political environment. 

An honor killing – sadly still accepted in some societies – is killing a daughter or wife for perceived "unchaste" behavior that brings dishonor to the family name. In these cases, the perpetrator is most often not held accountable nor prosecuted in any way.  True-life stories of honor killings have been reported within the past few months in The Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and other newspapers worldwide.

In Dishonor Thy Father, the story begins as a 15-year-old Iranian girl is viciously attacked by her father for holding a boy's hand. In running to escape certain death, she undertakes a dangerous journey to a new land with unfamiliar customs, where she must hide the truth from everyone she meets. 

Twenty years later, amid racial tensions in a Los Angeles hospital, a female Muslim doctor is murdered, sparking a controversial police investigation. The lead investigator, Detective Michael Tucci, finds himself compromising both his job and his life as he embroils himself in an affair with the beautiful Dr. Tara White, the victim's associate, who could be the killer's next target.

Yasmine Mohammed Ex-Muslim, Human Rights Activist, Founder of Free Hearts, Free Minds said about the novel: "Though this story is fictional, thousands of women across the globe are real life victims of honor violence and honor killing every year. Hopefully Dishonor Thy Father will help shed some light on this atrocity that is rarely addressed." 

Phyllis Chesler, noted feminist, Professor of Psychology & Women's Studies, and author of the bestselling Women and Madness and A Family Conspiracy: Honor Killing says: "This dramatic, fast-paced novel tells a dangerous tale like real ones that take place in Iran, Turkey and even sunny Southern California. The female characters are well-educated and dimensional, and an obsessed LA detective is on the case—here they all are, in living, cinematic color!"

The authors of Dishonor Thy Father, Mike Robinson & M.J. Richards, have an interesting story of how they developed the novel. After reading several articles about true-life honor killings, they wanted to help bring more awareness to the abhorrent custom. As screenwriters, they created a treatment for a feature film. However, they realized it would take more time and significantly more money to get the film produced. So they decided to write the novel first.

Both paperback and eBook versions of Dishonor Thy Father debuted August 17th, 2020 on Amazon and are soon to be on other platforms and in stores.  For the books on Amazon, visit dishonorthyfather.com

Prepublication reviews have been excellent:

"A persistently suspenseful crime drama..." -Kirkus Reviews    

"From beginning to end, Dishonor Thy Father is an intuitive and riveting novel... that explores sexism, racism, and bigotry through a fresh lens..." -San Francisco Book Review

"What do you get when you add a driven, neurotic cop to a stunning ice-princess surgeon with a mix of murder, mayhem and lust? A heck of a thrilling read!" –Robert Lloyd Lewis, Producer, Dexter

"...an intricate murder mystery with edge of your seat suspense...abounds with twists and turns, leading to a stunning final reveal!"  -Paul Bernbaum, Writer/Producer, Hollywoodland, starring Ben Affleck     

"Dishonor Thy Father is a great read. It's a fascinating thriller with romance that takes the reader on a journey across cultures and continents." -Carole Isenberg, Associate Producer, The Color Purple

The authors are available for interviews.  Contact Marilyn Anderson at Potpourri Books. 

Potpourri Books offers readers an eclectic choice of reading treats. From novels and non-fiction to humor and children's books. We love the unique and special, because that's what our readers are, too! 

Dishonor Thy Father - About the Authors

Mike Robinson is a novelist, screenwriter, and literary editor, based in Los Angeles. His novels include The Enigma of Twilight Falls trilogy, The Prince of Earth, Skunk Ape Semester, and The Atheist. 

M.J. Richards is the pen name for the screenwriting team of M.J. Anderson & Richard Rossner.  They are writer-producers of film and television with several movies and TV Series to their credit. M.J. wrote multiple episodes of Friday the 13th – the Series. Richard Rossner co-hosts several podcasts, including The Dark Side Of and Unexplained Mysteries.

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