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Director Novelizes Movie While Waiting
Paul Kyriazi - Feature Film Director Paul Kyriazi - Feature Film Director
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, February 18, 2021

Now a Novel - Soon a Movie
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Director Novelizes Movie While Waiting
While waiting for a safer time to produce his new movie 'Deadlier Than the Human', Paul Kyriazi (Forbidden Power - 2108) novelized it with interesting results.
According to Kyriazi 'Novelizing made me think of more action and deeper meaning than my screenplay  has. So I'm will incorporate that into the ideas back into the screenplay. That was the way '2001 - A Space Odyssey' was produced; Stanley Kubrick working on the novel with Arthur C. Clark. When the novel was finished, it was turned into a screenplay.
Kyriazi also realized that the novel can be used for advertising the movie in advanced. This was done extensively in the 1960's where even the smallest of movies released an advanced novelizations and often comic book.
'Deadlier Than the Humans' is about four beautiful abducted women who are returned to earth by aliens. They have a shocking mission to accomplish. A young Indie-filmmaker inadvertently films the UFO landing and release of the women. He teams up with an ex-Navy SEAL to find out what the women's mission is. It turns into a macabre adventure.
"Yes, the plot seems like science fiction exploitation," Kyriazi admits, "but there's far more depth and uniqueness to the story."
Kyriazi's 'Forbidden Power' in 2018 garnered 38 first-place international wins for Best Picture, Best Science Fiction Picture, Screenplay as well as the four main actors. He attributes its success because of the large cast and scale of production (for an Indie movie)  and the unique story of sexually transmitted power.
'Deadlier Than the Human' is available on Amazon Kindle and print

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