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Determine 2020 Election Fraud by Evidence in Legal Process
Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic Senior American
Minneapolis, MN
Friday, November 20, 2020

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Decide 2020 Election Fraud by Evidence in Legal Process
President Trump's attorneys, led by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, deserve the opportunity to prove their cases of Election Fraud.
Democrat Al Gore was granted that right to claim he won the 2000 Election, ending at the U.S. Supreme Court.
President Trump has that same legal right in 2020.
Among other serious charges, our Election system is alleged to have been rigged by Venezuelan Oligarchs in support of Communist dictator Maduro. 
Maduro apparently rigs his own elections using Dominion Voting Systems with Smartmatic software, so we must consider the evidence that those same machines and software also rigged the U.S. Election. 
Sworn Affidavits presented in Courts under penalty of Perjury are clearly legal evidence. That important evidence is NOT worthless as the media repeatedly falsely claim. 
Did Rep. Adam Schiff ever produce a shred of real Evidence when claiming that President Trump must be impeached?  Only a nameless and absent alleged whistle blower with no evidence, only rumors, who was not even produced as a witness.
ALL AMERICANS deserve to participate only in Free and Fair Elections, unlike in a Communist Dictatorship!
Why would any American want to resist allowing the required legal process to determine
whether there was or was not criminal conduct to rig our Election?
  • If they were hiding something, like real vote fraud, they would resist.
  • If they were hiding their weak candidate they would resist. Have they asked Biden any meaningful questions?
  • If "Joe Biden bragged "...we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."  They would resist.
  • Video:
  • Did Biden mis-speak, or finally tell the truth?
  • Remember, Biden boasted about coercing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was investigating allegations of son Hunter's foreign corruption.
After years of phony accusations that President Trump committed collusion for election fraud, we must hear the evidence that Democrats and Venezuelan Oligarchs may have really committed 2020 Election Fraud.
Hillary Clinton really did, according to convincing evidence, conspire with Russians to Rig the 2016 election, including her fake Russian Disinformation Dossier.
It is certainly NOT impossible or even unlikely that Election Fraud was in fact committed in 2020.
"It is a shame that election integrity has become a partisan issue. The Democrats targeted election laws this year, opposing common-sense regulations that prevent fraud and ensure that every American's voice is heard honestly. They fought to extend deadlines past Election Day, send every voter in America a ballot in the mail, and opposed signature verification on mail-in ballots."
Congressman Tom Emmer 

Below are:
  1. A report from Mike Huckabee with his thoughts on "Let Powell and Giuliani Make Their Case."
  2. Interview and video of Georgia Attorney Lin Wood on the Strength of Powell and Giuliani's Legal Cases on Election Fraud.
  3. A link to "Newsmax Can't Project a Winner - Nov. 18, and
  4. An Honest Election Primer: "The Western Journal, KrisAnne Hall op ed: Electing the President That All Fact-Checkers Should Know but Probably Don't."



Morning Edition - November 20

Mike Huckabee. Newsletter, November 20, 2020


The most striking thing about Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani's press conference on Thursday is the immediate dismissal it got from most of the media.

Look at what they were alleging: wholesale election fraud, stealing a presidential election right under our noses in the world's great democratic superpower, reducing the "shining beacon on a hill" to a mere penlight. There has been nothing like this in the history of our country. The media can't risk looking at it; they instinctively know that, like looking straight at the sun, it would cause them permanent injury.

But if this is true, it explains a lot of very strange anomalies we've seen in the vote.

Russell Ransland, co-owner of Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), which specializes in election fraud detection, has looked at the Michigan vote and claims it's a "physical impossibility." According to a story in NationalFile.com, Ransland served in the Reagan administration and has worked for both MIT and NASA. His must be one of the thousands of sworn affidavits Giuliani was referring to on Thursday. Ransland swore he had determined --- no question --- that vote tampering took place in Michigan and that given "significant anomalies and red flags," the results could not possibly have happened otherwise.

He addressed the vulnerabilities of Dominion Voting Systems, saying that experts had already known about these and written about them extensively. He called the system logs essentially "unprotected," meaning –- get ready –- that any alterations to the tabulations would be undetectable. He said anyone with an elementary knowledge of computer systems could "arbitrarily add, modify or remove log entries, causing a log event to take place."

His colleague, Dr. Andrew Appel, described how a hack could easily be accomplished: creating a memory stick and then "7 minutes alone with [the machine] and a screwdriver."

Here's one red flag: "There are a stunning 3,276 precincts where the presidential votes cast compared to the estimated voters...ranges from 84 percent to 350 percent...[revealing] 431,954 excess ballots." This is one of the problems Giuliani was talking about. At least 19 townships/precincts have more votes than registered voters, some WAY more. This is what you'd see in a banana republic.

The biggest red flag is those "spikes" that Giuliani also mentioned. The spikes are "strongly indicative of a manual adjustment, either by the operator of the system...or by outside actors." This is what convinced Ramsland that a crime did occur. "In the data are 4 spikes totaling 384,733 ballots allegedly processed in a combined interval of only 2 hours and 38 minutes. This is physically impossible given the available equipment at the 4 reference locations."

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"Georgia attorney Lin Wood, who represented Richard Jewell and Nicholas Sandmann, was "100 percent" confident that Joe Biden would not become President.

Wood spent all day Sunday with Trump attorney Sidney Powell, assisting in an unofficial capacity, and said Monday in a NEWSMAX interview with Howie Carr that Powell and Rudy Giuliani really do have the "smoking guns" (plural) that show Trump won re-election. As we've reported, Powell has said her team will release evidence that overturns the results in multiple states because of software used by Dominion Voting Systems that switched "millions of votes." Wood is convinced."

The video of the full interview is here - courtesy of Mike Huckabee.

By WND TV Staff

Published November 17, 2020 at 4:07pm

"I've seen sworn affidavits, I've seen sworn video statements," he said. "I think that Rudy and Sidney have done a magnificent job in a short period of time of piecing together a solid legal case on what was intended to be a complicated scheme of fraud as it relates to the voting machines."....

"There's no doubt in my mind about it," he said, describing a process that spans several countries and tracks "ultimately to the software company SGO Smartmatic, whose software went into a number of voting machines, almost exclusively used in the Dominion machine. The information was then processed through Scytl –-that's where the manipulations occurred in the software that [were] reported out to a company called Clarity. Clarity was reporting out real-time numbers for people watching it on TV." He explained this is why viewers might have seen the Republican side go down 560 votes and the Democrat up 560. "It was pure and simple computer manipulation of the voting totals," he said....." "


"Newsmax Can't project a Winner - Nov. 18"
Read Why:
An Honest Election Primer:
"The Western Journal, KrisAnne Hall, OpEd
Published November 15, 2020 at 10:34am"

"KrisAnne Hall: 3 Critical Facts About Electing the President That All Fact-Checkers Should Know but Probably Don't"

"No president has ever been elected in November.

The popular vote does not elect a president; the vote of the Electoral College elects a president.

The date to count the Electoral College vote is set by law and cannot be delayed without passing a new law.

It is legally and constitutionally impermissible to have a delay in announcing the winner in the presidential race.

Nancy Pelosi cannot legally or constitutionally be "acting" president due to a delay caused by counting votes."

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