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Denver Doctor's YA Sci-Fi Novel Hits Bestseller List 'BAD LOVE TIGERS' by Kevin Schewe, MD

Feel-Good Sci-Fi Sequel Combines Factual History with a Fun Romp Across the USA Circa 1945!

Area 51, World War II, featured in an out-of-this-world novel for everyone!

Denver, COBAD LOVE TIGERS by Denver doctor Kevin L. Schewe has become a bestselling book in multiple categories:

#1 Aviation World History

#1 Hotels & Inns Travel Reference

#1 Auto & RV Travel

#2 Children's Aliens Books

#3 Military Aviation History

In this brand-new sequel to the critically acclaimed novel Bad Love Strikes, Schewe has penned another enjoyable romp that balances the delicate subject matter of a dark time in history, with the adventurous hope of youth. Part history lesson, part sci-fi adventure, Schewe's engaging characters in The Bad Love Gang, (based on his own friends in high school), embark on a road trip across America to save the world from the Russians, help win WWII, and discover some unearthly information involving Area 51. Readers of all ages will love Bad Love Tigers, which also contains a soundtrack to guide you on your journey. And the best part? The historical facts are real. Schewe, a lifelong WWII aficionado, has spent years researching his topics, including the very old and famous hotels that the kids stay in along the way.

In the first book, the Bad Love Gang discovers The White Hole project, a "backup plan" time-travel machine created by Roosevelt in case America lost the race to be the first with the atomic bomb. In this exciting sequel, they use it to travel back to 1945 to thwart Russian spies and protect the secrets of Area 51, before heading to China to volunteer with the AVG Flying Tigers under General Claire Chennault.

Schewe, who has a background in physics, has always loved stories about time travel. He has been fascinated by the story of the AVG Flying Tigers since he was seven years old and sick with asthma. The story of the Flying Tigers was one of the first history books he read. Mixing fiction with solid historical facts and interesting anecdotes such as the formation of Oak Ridge, TN, historical stories of some of America's most famous hotels, the dawn of the atomic age, and mingling with the likes of President Roosevelt, Schewe offers up an entertaining history lesson. And because he always had a soundtrack playing in his head, he adds a list of music to listen along to on your reading adventure.

Whether you're a history buff, a time-travel buff, or just in need of a fun book that will leave you happy, Bad Love Tigers is the adventure you've been waiting for. Grab your copy today!

"The Bad Love Gang is back with more edge-of-your-seat adventure involving spies, planes and time travel. This novel will thrill history buffs fascinated by World War II and the Cold War and takes you on a wild road trip across America." John Kelly, Detroit Free Press

"Few writers have the well-tuned skill of incorporating popular music themes to inculcate historical arenas that Kevin L. Schewe achieves in his fascinating series BAD LOVE. With precision and humor and imagination his contemporary crew transports us to other times, and the journey is terrific!" Dr. Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer

About Kevin Schewe:  Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO is a board-certified cancer specialist who has been in the private practice of radiation oncology for over 33 years. He is an entrepreneur, having founded Elite Therapeutics and Bad Love Cosmetics Company, LLC. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of a small, publicly-traded, renewable, green energy and animal feed company called VIASPACE, Inc. Bad Love Tigers is the sequel to his bestselling debut novel Bad Love Strikes. You can connect with Schewe through his website KevinSchewe.com or Instagram: @realkevinschewe. Watch the book trailer here.

Bad Love Tigers, ISBN 9781950895410, Broken Crow Ridge Publishing, 2020, paperback, $21.00, hardcover, $35.95, ebook: $9.99, 354 pages, available on Amazon and jancarolpublishing.com.

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