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Declaration of Principles:
The RedEye Star The RedEye Star
Washington, DC
Friday, August 26, 2022


Declaration of Principles:

The RedEye Star will work for the rights of District of Columbia Homeless and Refugees

  1. End regressive taxes.    They poor pay more, percent wise, that the rich.
  2. Fight for the end of predatory denial of retail discounts.  Whole Foods give 5% discount for those who qualify for the Chase credit card.
  3. Allow citizen currency when collateral is deposited in a DC bank.  This will increase the money supply for DC citizens.
  4. Allow DC banks to issue currency – again will increase the money supply.
  5. Issue free cell phones. It has been proven they empower ability to graduate from their second class citizen status.


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Name: Mitchell P. Davis
Group: The Red Eye Star
Dateline: Washington, DC United States
Direct Phone: 202-864-9420
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