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Debunking Management Myths with Don Schmincke
Gayle Lantz - Leadership Expert Gayle Lantz - Leadership Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Birmingham, AL
Thursday, March 2, 2023


Executives who have been in management for a long time have read a lot of leadership books, attended management training programs and studied management theories.

But what they are finding is that a lot of what they have learned doesn’t really work.

Gayle Lantz interviews Don Schmincke, author of the best-selling book The Code of the Executive. Don has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He is an Award-Winning Speaker, Researcher and Founder of the SAGA Leadership Institute. 

He writes and talks about leadership based on ancient samurai principles.

Don’s latest course, How to Slay Dragons, talks about the most horrifying problems that are stopping us from truly achieving success and happiness.

Don debunks some management theory myths and explains how leaders can think differently about themselves and their worldview to achieve leadership and business results.

“The dragon you think you’re fighting is not what you think.”

This episode covers:

  • Common management myths (e.g., Management training fixes problems.)
  • The myth of strategic planning
  • Bravery and honor in leadership
  • The importance of unhooking from ego
  • The impact of biological group behaviors on culture change

The episode challenges leaders to think about how they have come to believe what they do about management or leadership and open to new (and ancient) ideas to serve them well today.



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