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Cyber Security Newsletter Hits 10,000 Subscriber Milestone
Robert Siciliano -- Cyber Security Expert Speaker Robert Siciliano -- Cyber Security Expert Speaker
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Boston, MA
Thursday, July 20, 2023


The cyber security newsletter from Protect Now Partner and Head of Training Robert Siciliano hit a milestone of 10,000! subscribers on LinkedIn on July 17, 2023. Subscriptions for the newsletter grew exponentially as the 10,000-reader threshold neared.

In addition to LinkedIn, the CSI Cyber Security Newsletter is available via email subscription, with past issues posted to the Protect Now Blog. Each issue highlights current cyber security news of interest to small- and mid-sized-business owners, including evolving threats, regulatory updates and practical advice to avoid cyber criminals, presented in language that non-technical web users can understand.

“Tremendous thanks to everyone who has subscribed, but also everyone who has ever shared or forwarded the newsletter,” Siciliano said. “I created the CSI newsletter to fill a void that I saw in security coverage. The response over the last few months has surpassed my expectations.”

A Practical Cyber Security Newsletter for Businesses

The “void” Siciliano cites is a reliable, knowledgeable source of practical information business owners and employees can use to understand and respond to evolving cyber threats. With new cyber threats and new social-engineering techniques emerging constantly, individuals need to understand how to keep their data and systems safe.

“Finding information on cyber crime is not a problem,” Sicilano noted. “Finding relevant information with practical advice is far harder than it should be. There is a real effort in every issue to identify the most relevant threats, so that readers get a curated view of what is happening now, or what may be right on the horizon.”

Siciliano puts himself in the shoes of his clients when choosing topics and ways to present them. “The average employee is not worried about a zero-day exploit in file transfer software, but they care a lot about the growing trend of pretexting attacks, where a criminal will call and pretend to be a client or coworker to steal money or information,” he said.

The newsletter also serves as an evolving, value-added supplement for those who complete Protect Now CSI Cyber Security Employee Training. As Siciliano explains, new cyber attacks are often easily foiled using the same methods that thwart older hacking and phishing techniques. “You have to be skeptical and you have to be vigilant. We all get a feeling when something seems off. If you can learn to recognize that and apply it to online interactions, you can stop the majority of these attacks, no matter how the criminal tries to make contact. All cyber crime breaks down into two categories: A criminal breaking into systems, which is a software issue, or a criminal convincing an employee to do something, which is a people issue.”

The CSI cyber security newsletter is published monthly. LinkedIn users can subscribe via Siciliano’s LinkedIn page, or sign up to receive the email newsletter using the Subscribe for Email Updates section below.

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