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Crisis Control Checklist
The RedEye Star The RedEye Star
Washington, DC
Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Crisis Control Checklist/


  1. Who is the team leader?  2nd leader?  24-hour assigned?

  2. Who are the key staffers?   ( is there a "red-team" member? )

  3. Will you have a color chart?   Bule-Green-Yellow-Red-Purple

  4. Where is the off-site meeting place in the event of office evacuation.

  5. Who is the manager of:  IT, Domain Registration, Secrecy clearance.\?

  6. Do you have an off-site computer repair and maintenance vendor?

  7. Have you had that vendor do a white-hat review of your computer system?

  8. Do you offer an honorarium for black-hat penetration testing?

  9. Is there a back-up power system?

  10. Are there burner phones available to team leaders and staffers?

  11. Will the team's automobiles be accessible, and able to leave the garage.?

  12. Is there a mandatory two week leave for all employees each year?

  13. Does the team have a communications system in place - like push to talk local area network walkie talkies that do not depend on the grid.  CB radio ones maybe?   What is the frequency of the CB radio network to be used.

  14. Is there a "lock-down" computer network plan?

  15. Are there "bolt-bags" available?   Hand-crank radio and more.

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