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Covid 19: If you DON’T want to LOSE your Marriage & your Affair!
Susan Allan -- The Marriage Forum Susan Allan -- The Marriage Forum
Santa Barbara, CA
Thursday, June 18, 2020

Are you Longing for Life-long Love?
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 Covid 19: If you DON'T want to LOSE your Marriage & your Affair!


The lack of emotional intimacy that plagues so many marriages, causing most of the 60% divorce rate in the US, is the same reason that most affairs end. This fascinating commonality is caused by a spouse's inability to motivate any partner to deep, loving intimacy whether at home or in secret. Without the ability to merge with your partner into a loving couple with one cooperative outlook, can you expect lifelong love, passion and commitment?   

After years of hitting a wall, many spouses will seek a secondary relationship to meet their needs for passion, understanding, joy, fun and peace. However, if they had learned how to generate this in their own home, they could have avoided all the challenges that a simultaneous secondary relationship will create. The worst part of a dead marriage propped up by a passionate affair is that both spouses are  powerless; and even more dangerous; many spouses who have no skills to inspire enough passion and joy at home become prey to unscrupulous lovers who seek not love but power or money.What is the solution, Heartspace® skills! With the ability to understand your own needs you will be able to understand your spouse's needs and if you once had passion, once had true love and once had a strong and binding commitment you have the possibility to recreate it. This is the Marital Mediation© work of Heartspace®

To avoid having your affair become as dry and dead as the marriage from which you are seeking a vacation, commit yourself to evolving into the passionate and compassionate person that everyone will love!  Heartspace® offers tools, skills, and solutions to create the loving relationship you desire! The 6 Part Conversation© is the #1 skill that each of our clients learns and utilizes throughout their life.

  1. Self-empathy allows you to self-soothe before speaking so that the "no man's land" between spouses disappears.
  2. Empathy allows you to reconnect in the deepest and most peaceful way so that trust and joy returns to your marriage.
  3. Self-expression allows you to motivate and inspire your partner, generating more intimacy with each carefully considered word until you are back on the same page again and life at home becomes a pleasure and not a burden.  

Part 4 Reflection; Part 5 Clarification and Part 6 Solution will be covered in the next Press Release as they are infallible in generating cooperation in even the most complicated and detailed challenges that require co-created outcomes.

We've offered 10,000 complimentary sessions for the last 21 years so that EVEYRONE can learn these skills: looking forward to more and more happy relationships even after the Covid-19 seclusions!

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