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Sunday, October 10, 2021


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Covenant - Film/Stream  

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Starring Duane Finley,Phaedra Parks, 

Palmer Williams Jr., KronMoore, Rico Ball and More!


      Createdby Kaye Singleton (Saints & SinnersAmericanSoul), Covenant will draw audiences into a world ofthrilling, suspenseful drama where characters and stories of the bible arethrust into a vicious dystopia of present-day, real-life situations. Thefour-part anthology series will tell four remarkable tales of betrayal, love,revenge, and redemption – challenging viewers to examine how these sacredlessons of faith fit into today’s society. Each story will be told in 2-parts8 weeks total) debuting exclusively on popular AMC Networks’ streamer ALLBLK (www.ALLBLK.tv), on Thursday, October 14th


     Written and Starring Singleton, Covenant’s debutepisode – “The Promise” part 1 and part 2– will tell the story of a desperatemiddle-aged woman who’s fallen into early menopause and risks her marriage togive her husband the child she can no longer conceive.  


 Covenant Trailer


     Subsequent episodes include “The Vow,” – A manwho must hide his extraordinary abilities to fulfill his life’s destiny to savehis people. A destiny his rebellious, arrogant nature nearly destroys;featuring Palmer Williams Jr (Tyler Perry’s House of PayneLoveThy Neighbor) and Rico Ball (CW’s Black Lightening).“The Retribution,” – A devoted husband and family man wakes up from his comaand immediately seeks to avenge his wife’s honor after he learns she wasviolated by someone he trusted; featuring Phaedra Parks (RealHousewives of Atlanta) and Jay Hunter (Tyler Perry’s IfLoving You Is Wrong, Max Payne). Concluding with “The Enemy,” –A deeply religious, controversial lawmaker known for his ruthlesslyaggressive tactics risks his life, reputation, and career, when he shockinglyattempts to join and champion for the very community he tried to destroy.Featuring Kron Moore (Tyler Perry’s The Oval). Singleton also serves as executive producer in association with Road 106 Films, alongside ALLBLK executives, Brett Dismuke and Nikki Love.


      Kaye Singleton is a full-time writer and actress born and raised in Central Florida. As an actress, Singleton has been featured in Dumplin with Jennifer Aniston, Claws, American Soul, Tales, and more. As a writer, to date she has won 3 screenwriting awards including Best Comedy Script (Archive Entertainment Screenplay Competition - Trap Queen), Best Comedy Teleplay (Content Creators of Atlanta Awards - The Check List), and Best Web Series (Content Creators of Atlanta Awards - Trap Queen). Kaye's first foray as a writer/producer resulted in her short film, The Check List, which was an official selection and nominated in seven categories for 2019's Black Women Film Network Short Film Festival, and the 2019 Bronze Lens Film Festival.

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