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Could Trump be classified as a Habitual Felon and Receive an Enhanced Prison Sentence.
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Los Angeles, CA
Monday, April 10, 2023


Larry Levine, the founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants and US Federal Court appointed Sentencing Mitigation Expert has recently been receiving a inquiries about what could happen to Donald Trump now that he has been indicted. While many people and news outlets are focused on the immediate consequences of a potential guilty plea or plea bargain, Levine stresses the long-term implications that should also be considered.

If Trump were to plead guilty or accept a plea deal in New York, he would be convicted of a felony and exposed to three or more criminal history points. This could be problematic if the federal government decides to charge him in the Classified documents scandal. Additionally, if Trump were to be convicted for vote tampering in Georgia, this would result in even more criminal history points.

While these convictions are state-level offenses, the US Sentencing Guidelines use past state convictions to calculate a defendant's criminal history score. As a result, Trump could be viewed as a habitual offender instead of a first-time offender. This could significantly impact his sentence length, as what might normally be a two-year sentence could be doubled or more.

It is important to note that criminal history points are not the only factor that judges consider when determining a sentence. However, they can play a significant role in the sentencing process. As such, Trump's criminal history could impact the severity of his sentence if he is convicted.

Furthermore, there is the potential for even more charges to be brought against Trump in the future. The ongoing investigations into his business practices and financial dealings could result in additional charges that would further impact his criminal history score and potential sentence length.

While it is unclear what will happen to Trump in the coming months, it is important to consider all potential outcomes and the long-term implications of any decisions he may make. A guilty plea or plea bargain may seem like a quick and easy solution in the moment, but it could have far-reaching consequences. As such, it is crucial for Trump and his legal team to carefully weigh their options and consider all potential outcomes before making any decisions.

In conclusion, the potential consequences of a guilty plea or plea bargain for Donald Trump extend far beyond the immediate ramifications. With the potential for additional charges and the impact on his criminal history score, Trump could be facing a much harsher sentence than he might initially expect. As such, it is important for him and his legal team to carefully consider their options and make informed decisions based on all available information.

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