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Conspiracy To Crucify The Black Messiah
Ronnie (Bo) Martin Ronnie (Bo) Martin
Chicago , IL
Wednesday, January 08, 2020



In the 1960s, Founding Father of The FBI, J. Edgar Hoover implemented a directive commanding law enforcement to neutralize black leaders who could potentially unify and electify the African American population "to prevent the rise of a black messiah". During such times, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were both subsequently assassinated. Since then, and to this day, many other black leaders who have displayed the potential to present prosperity to the African American population have all been neutralized through either assassination or incarceration. Nipsey Hussle and Ronnie Bo are the latest examples of this injustice coordinated by law enforcement.

Nipsey Hussle was assassinated by a federal informant shortly after he spoke out about the corruption of the government's street corner approach within the health industry in an interview with The Breakfast Club. Ronnie Bo was kidnapped and bribed by a federal agent shortly after his article was published in the 60th issue of The Don Diva Magazine where he mentioned his intentions to reform the prison system.

The number 33 is symbolic numerology revered by the societies that secretly governs this country. Nipsey Hussle was 33 years of age upon his untimely demise. Ronnie Bo, at the age of 33, released a classic album entitled The Last Hope on 2Pac's 48th birthday, June 16, 2019. Seven days later (the seven-day theory) he was incarcerated because the lyrical content of the album exposed the government. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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