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Connie Boyd - LeRoya Sanford - Penn & Teller - TV/Stream
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Friday, November 19, 2021


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  Connie Boyd - LeRoya Sanford - Penn & Teller - TV/Stream  

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Connie Boyd's Magical Women Highlights Comedian/MagicianLeRoya Sanford on 

Penn & Teller’s hit TV Show “Fool Us.”

      Magic Arts expert Connie Boyd recently highlighted Comedian Magician LeRoya Sanford on her YouTube channel "Magical Women with Connie Boyd," for her appearance on master illusionists Penn & Teller's hit TV Show "Fool Us." Sanford speaks very highly of Boyd and the work she does to promote females in the magical arts both veterans and the up-and-coming magicians out their doing it. Enjoy Boyd's intro with this clip of the show.








       Connie Boyd has a passion for performance. A passion forperfection. A passion for magic. That passion is evident in the 30+ years shehas devoted to presenting and creating theatrical, elegant and magical illusionshows.










      As a performer she was acclaimed from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo,today as a consultant, director, mentor, writer and producer, Connie Boyd isdedicated to providing each audience unparalleled expertise to each and everyeve

      In 2020 Connie created a YouTube channel, Magical Women with Connie Boyd, which offers in-depth guest talks with some of the best magicians inthe world.  She’s also a contributing writer for VANISH Magazine creatingmonthly articles on Magical Women.

     Connie Boyd Magic’s shows and illusion routines have beenbroadcast worldwide, she brings an international following and professionalexperience that is unprecedented and is a delight to every client, theater,event, studio, buyer and audience her shows entertain. The benefits and valueengaging any of her shows produce proven, remarkable results clients clamorfor.





     With multiple shows and extending engagements in Europe, Asiaand North America, Connie Boyd Magic transcends the national, cultural andlanguage barriers.  Imagine laughter, cheers and gasps of wonder fillingyour showroom and leaving the crowd breathless.

     No other female illusionist has garnered such prestigiousinternational credits and experience, first as a performer and now as aconsultant, director, mentor, writer and producer.

     See for yourself how Connie Boyd’s magic enchants the mostsophisticated audience with entertainment that is unexpected, unparalleled andunforgettable.

Click on Both of these links and be entertained:

Alternate Video: https://vimeo.com/239223883


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