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Congratulations on Feeling Like a Fraud @ Work!
Paul N. Larsen -- Find Your VOICE as a Leader Paul N. Larsen -- Find Your VOICE as a Leader
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Dateline: San Francisco , CA
Tuesday, November 06, 2018


Have you ever felt like a fraud at work?

or maybe I should ask:

How many times have you felt like a fraud at work…or in life?

It is called Imposter Syndrome and it is more common that many would think.


It is not a sign of weakness…but actually one of strength. In fact, many experts say it is what drives already successful people to grown even more and achieve even more success.

If you have ever felt like you are a “fraud”, and that people are going to find out one day that you really don’t have an idea of what you’re doing…then you are in great company. Academy-award winning actor Tom Hanks, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, tennis star Serena Williams and Starbucks founder Howard Schultz are just some of the very successful and talented leaders who have experienced Imposter Syndrome.

While some people, including perhaps yourself, may want you to conquer or overcome your feeling of being a fraud…I coach leaders to pivot and embrace that inner imposter for even more success.

This is why I am excited to announce my portfolio of new speaking and learning topics that focus on Imposter Syndrome. To learn more about these offerings and to contact me for more information, click on my “Imposter” one-sheet:


Remember the next time you feel like a fraud…congratulate yourself. It means you are stepping out of your comfort zone and continuing to grow as a leader.

And check out my leadership coaching workbook, Find Your VOICE as a Leader for more tips and techniques to create a confident and convincing leadership brand.

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