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Comics Karma...Top Comedians lives interviewed
Jonn Pirincci  --  Comedian Jonn Pirincci -- Comedian
Sherman Oaks, CA
Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Craig Shoemaker.... Does this comedian make shoes while you laugh?


Okay...you know the answer....no.Craig has been in the industry for over 30 years making millions laugh over the years.He has been on shows like Parks and Recreation,Matlock,The Middle and even the Bold And Beautiful.You will hear him talk about his parents that really showed no love,but he made up for it to his show love to his wives and 4 kids.Then how he took his pain and sorrow from his upbringing to creating Laughterheals.org that helps people in their lives to laugh and be happier.Traveled the country for the past 10 years.You will be inspired by his life and stories so you can do what you love to do and make a living at it.

"Be yourself in life,not your act.Then laughter will heal and revive you and many others."


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