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Colors Not To Use In Your Home.
Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer
Los Angeles , CA
Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Colors not to use in your home.


I am a firm believer that our bodies, minds and souls need color.  Every color has it's own energy, it's own gift to give in any room.   We need these vibrations to live a fuller, happier life. 


 I also know that each person has colors that resonate with their own individual  energy.  A color that may be too bright for one person may not be bright enough for another.  While there are exceptions to the rule, here are some don'ts that may be helpful.


Black – black in small portions can be dramatic and elegant.  However an all black room could have some devastating affects on your mood and your body.  If someone is experiencing depression, I would never paint their room black, the absence of color could cause depression and it can even have physical affects.  We need light.  Some people even feel the affects of seasonal disorder when there isn't as much sunlight.   A room devoid of light which is what a black room is, could have serious affects on the mind and body.


White – now I know this goes against many other opinions but stark white is good in small amounts.  Having all stark white is sterile and can be overwhelming.   There are some people who this works for but it's not most people.   I highly suggest an offwhite if you must do white.   Get even a little color in there, your body needs it.  A little bit of a color will still house some of the energy and help to support you.   The great myth is that white makes everything look bigger.  It doesn't necessarily.  What makes a room look bigger is how much light is reflected back into the room. I have worked with whites that suck all the light out of the room and make it dark. 


Red – Red is a great color to work with but in small amounts as well.  Bright reds could cause excess anxiety and raise your blood pressure.  With what is going on in the news today, I would stay away from red and lean towards the calming energies of blue and green.


Orange – Orange is a color people either love or hate.  If you are someone who loves it, large quantities can give you energy and make you more creative.  If you hate it, it could cause tension and anxiety.  The color is bold and exciting, it needs someone who also needs bold and exciting.  For someone who craves calm, it will grate against them and cause unneeded duress.  


There are a lot of reasons to choose color for your home.  This is just a taste of what the power of color can do for you.  There are so many ways that color can heal, calm and support you.    Now that we are spending more time in our homes, having a home that can support and calm is vital in coping with all that we are experiencing.

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