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Clean Out Your Inbox Week, Day Four – Another Great Tip and Freebie
Marsha Egan, CSP - Workplace Productivity Coach and E-mail Expert Marsha Egan, CSP - Workplace Productivity Coach and E-mail Expert
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Thursday, January 30, 2020


How many times have you checked your email, only to find a problem that you couldn’t act upon or manage at that moment?

How many times have you checked that PDA just before bed, only to see something that subsequently disturbed your sleep – again because it was too late to call or fix?

How many times have you snuck a peak at your Blackberry during a meeting that you couldn’t respond to, yet distracted you from the meeting?

Yes, I know -ALL too many!

Well, here’s the tip of the day…

STOP checking email when you know you can’t immediately handle that new found problem that just graced your inbox!

This is one of the most simple tips we can think of that will help you with your stress levels. The challenge is that it takes discipline to resist your anticipation of new-found treasure, which just new found stress.

Bomb Ready To Ignite On WhiteSo, here are a few hints:

  • Don’t check email right before bed or a well deserved nap
  • Don’t check email as you are going out the door on a hot date or family outing
  • Put the PDA away during meetings
  • Stop checking your iPhone while driving
  • And for gosh’s sake, don’t check that Blackberry just before its your turn on the golf course!

Any other suggestions?

And now, your free resource of the day (drumroll please…)

A full chapter of my book, Inbox Detox! Click here to download.

About Marsha Egan, CPCU, CSP, PCC, ICF-Certified CoachMarsha Egan, is CEO of the Egan Group, Inc., Nantucket MA and an internationally recognized professional speaker. She is a leading authority on email productivity. Her acclaimed ?12 Step Program for E-Mail E-ddiction? received international attention, being featured on ABC Nightly News, Fox News, and newspapers across the globe. In early 2009, the program was adapted into a book, Inbox Detox and the Habit of E-mail Excellence (Acanthus 2009 - http://InboxDetox.com/book) Marsha works with forward-thinking organizations that want to create a profit-rich and productive email culture. Marsha was named one of Pennsylvania?s Top 50 Women in Business in 2006.
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