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Certified by AQai, Success Performance Solutions Launches New Service to Ensure No Human Left Behind.
Ira S. Wolfe -- Success Performance Solutions Ira S. Wolfe -- Success Performance Solutions
Lehigh Valley, PA
Saturday, November 21, 2020

Certified by AQai, Success Performance Solutions Launches New Service to Ensure No Human Left Behind.

Ira S Wolfe, President of Poised for the Future Company and Chief Googlization Officer of Success Performance Solutions, was recently certified as an AQ Foundation Practitioner after completing training with AQai. He was one of only 15 consultants from around the world who participated in this 1st 3-day certification program.

"I am thrilled AQai Assessments are now part of the Success Performance Solutions portfolio," said Wolfe. "This certification puts us at the forefront of solving a massive adaptability crisis."  Wolfe, like other work and leadership experts, worry that millions of people will be left behind post-pandemic.

That is why AQ, or adaptability quotient, has been identified as the "new competitive advantage" by Harvard Business Review and adaptability is cited by well-respected organizations like World Economic Forum and Institure for the Future as one of the most essential work skills for the future. 

"The global pandemic is not as the cause of the adaptability crisis but the accelerant. COVID19 forced every industry, every business, and every individual to change overnight. Unfortunately 'humans suck at change,'" Wolfe quotes from his best selling book Recruiting in the Age of Googlization. "We weren't very comfortable with change in a linearly changing world. Living in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) only exacerbates the problem and grows the gap." 

The recent AQai Global Study confirms his foreboding message. It revealed that only 1 in 4 workers have high enough levels of adaptability to keep pace with change. Fortunately the science behind AQ suggests adaptability isn't just something that we have or don't have but it's a learnable skill. That's why Wolfe remains so hopeful during this unprecedented time of disruption.

Wolfe is recognized by Thinkers360 as one of the top most influential thought leaders in the future of work, HR, and leadership. "For anyone that's known me or followed me for the past 25 years feels my passion for the future of work.That passion only intensified after my TEDx talk (2016) and book Recruiting in the Age of Googlization. Post pandemic recovery will require all of us to become more adept at adapting. I'm thrilled we could join forces with AQai to help unlock the secrets of human adaptability and do whatever it takes to ensure no human is left behind."

For more information on Adaptability Quotient, visit Success Performance Solutions.

About Success Performance Solutions

Success Performance Solutions (SPS), under the leadership of Ira S Wolfe, is a familiar and respected name in the employee and leadership assessment industry for nearly 25 years. Partnering with the most credentialed and innovative test publishers, Success Performance Solutions can assess job roles from the front line to the C-Suite in over a dozen industries. Its portfolio of assessments includes the ever-popular DISC, administrative skills tests for typing, data entry, and Office 365, leadership and professional competencies, personality and integrity tests, cognitive ability tests, AQai (adaptability quotient), Creatrix (innovation capacity), Curiosity Code Index, and Emotional Intelligence Profile. SPS also recently launched a 2600 online learning library with 2600+ video courses for business and software skills. 


About Success Performance Solutions

Success Performance Solutions helps companies of any size in any industry recruit faster and hire smarter. Since 1996, SPS has established itself as a leader in pre-hire and leadership assessment, respected by both clients and peers. It also provides recruitment marketing consulting services and offers an extensive library of online microlearning videos for coaching and training.

About Ira S Wolfe

Ira S Wolfe is a “Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body” and the world’s first Chief Googlization Officer. He is president of Poised for the Future Company, founder of Success Performance Solutions, a TEDx Speaker, host of Geeks Geezers Googlization podcast, and frequent presenter at SHRM and business conferences. Ira was also recently honored as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Future of Work by Thinkers360. His most recent book is Recruiting in the Age of Googlization, now in its 2nd edition, is recognized as one of the best HR and Recruiting books of all-time by Book Authority. He is also the founder of the Googlization Nation community and frequent contributor to HR and business blog.

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