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Celebrating Black History Month: Rahaan Jackson!
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Dateline: Washington, DC
Wednesday, January 25, 2023


This story you are about to read will amaze and delight. It is an inspirational story about a man who was born and raised in the inner city and who used grit, perseverance and a little bit of magic to become the success he is today. This is the true story of Rahaan Jackson.

Born in the Southeast area of Washington, DC, Rahaan grew up in a rough neighborhood. Even as a child, Rahaan knew he wanted to lift himself up and out of the inner city. It was at this time that Rahaan developed a love of magic.

His love of magic was encouraged and enhanced by visiting Al’s Magic Shop. The owner, Al Cohen loved mentoring aspiring magicians and his store was a legendary place for aspiring magicians and magic greats alike. His customers, besides Rahaan, included David Copperfield and Doug Henning as well as Joan Rivers, Steve Martin and Robin Williams. By age 9, Rahaan was a good enough magician that he could charge his friends admittance when he put on a magic show in his living room.

At age 15, Rahaan went to a special dinner at a restaurant with his mentor and several other inner city kids. The children were taken out to learn social skills and to connect with adults who cared about them. One reason this was so important was because “the majority of the youngsters have no regular contact with a male figure in their lives”. During this important dinner, Rahaan entertained and amused his fellow teenagers (and the adults) by performing magic tricks between courses.

In 1996, Rahaan helped one of the few African American magicians in the country, Myklar The Ordinary, mentor a group of young African American magicians. A wonderful group who styled themselves The Amazing Kids. One of these amazing kids went on to set a record in the WNBA for most offensive rebounds in a career.

As an adult, Rahaan attended the very first Mystery School with Jeff McBride. The Mystery School is now located in Las Vegas and is world famous, sometimes called the “Hogwarts for Adults”. Rahaan is currently a student of Jeff McBride, considered by many as the most influential magician of today.

In 2021, Rahaan won the title of “Best Close-Up Magician of the Year” at the DC Festival of Magic.

The magic skills that Rahaan continues to polish make him shine. Today he is part of the elegant and upscale Washington Magic, a monthly magic show held in a beautiful and historic mansion in the heart of DC. Rahaan shares the stage, and the applause, with magicians who have performed for US Presidents and royalty around the world. Rahaan works side by side with magicians who, in their day jobs, have been described by The Washington Post as “Power Players”.

Eric Henning, one of the headliners at Washington Magic, had this to say about Rahaan “I first met Rahaan when he was a youngster at Al’s Magic Shop. He impressed me then, because he didn’t ask me about learning magic. He asked me for a list of the top books to improve his life. He read those, and many classic books on self-improvement, business and success suggested by others. More importantly, he put those principles into practice. The result is that Rahaan is comfortable among everyone he meets, from cutting-edge artists in music clubs to Washington’s high society at exclusive events. His magic is unique, precise and artistic, like the paintings on the walls of the Arts Club itself. It’s been a joy to see Rahaan Jackson grow and mature into an excellent mystery artist and a man of integrity.”

After all of this, what does Rahaan say to the kid in the inner city just beginning his journey of life? “I think that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and dedicate yourself to self development.”

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