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Caregiving TV on Roku: How America’s Favorite Pastime Makes Finding Help Easy for Caregivers
Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker
Golden , CO
Friday, June 14, 2019

Pamela D. Wilson, Caregiving Expert
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Golden, Colorado – June 14, 2019

Caregiving TV on Roku: How America's Favorite Pastime Makes Finding Help Easy for Caregivers

In her mission to reach caregivers and aging adults worldwide, caregiving expert, Pamela D. Wilson has released the next series of 10 caregiving videos on Caregiving TV on Roku.

According to Wilson,

"Watching television is a favorite leisure-time activity. By making Caregiving TV accessible through Roku, expert advice, and information about caregiving become available to many caregivers who may not have considered television to be a source of reputable caregiving information."

Caregiving TV, launched April 2019 now hosts 30 videos created by Pamela. Caregivers looking for trusted sources of reliable information have difficulty knowing where to turn for help. Caregiving TV is one more source of information, hope, support, and help for caregivers that ties to caregiver support and courses offered by Pamela.

Hope, Help and Taking Action Can Positively Improve Caregiving Situations

Convincing a caregiver that hope, help, and action can positively change a caregiving situation is as difficult--in many cases--as the caregiver trying to convince aging loved ones that help is needed A standoff occurs by caregivers and care receivers who are reluctant to admit that getting help can have positive results.

Why is accepting help so difficult in caregiving situations? Why is caregiving so exhausting even when we love our aging parents? Why do aging parents and spouses resist care?

Resistance to change is part of human nature. Change is viewed as uncertain and involving effort.

Aging adults may not be motivated to make changes until a health scare or the threat of having to move from home to a care community becomes a reality. Caregivers pressured for time become tunnel-visioned and shut out considering actions that may help the current situation.

By making caregiving hope and help easily accessible through a regular activity like watching television, resistance to talking about caregiving decreases. Throughout history, television has delivered positive effects. Today, television still exposes viewers to information and entertainment that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to in any other manner.

Caregiving TV: Caregiving Help Made Easy

Caregiving TV makes finding help easy for caregivers. Watching Caregiving TV offers an opportunity for adult children to talk about caregiving with aging parents. Watching videos on a variety of caregiving subjects opens the door to discuss concerns that exist in families.  

Initiating caregiving conversations is difficult and often avoided. This is why caregiving roles and responsibilities become an unexpected shock for adult children.

Caregiving TV is a source of support for caregivers experiencing stress who don't know where to turn:

"Thank you, Pamela. I first saw your channel on Roku and thought, at least someone who is actually saying exactly the things that I have been experiencing. What a relief to have an outlet and also direction son how to ease this sometimes seemingly never-ending stress. Your page and the links have already helped me a lot. And again, I want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge." D.M.

Access to trusted caregiving information on Caregiving TV and the Internet on Pamela's website makes it easy to initiate caregiving conversations. Reasons for not talking about caregiving disappear when sincere and empathetic discussions occur through television and video.  

Participation in Caregiver Support and Courses Improves Care for Aging Loved Ones

Through participation in Pamela's caregiver support and courses, caregivers learn skills that result in the aging parent, spouse, or loved ones receiving better care. Benefits include:

  • Growing confidence to complete more complex caregiving tasks
  • Improving the decision-making process to avoid worrying about making common caregiving mistakes
  • Expanding skill levels to manage caregiving situations
  • Learning to advocate for care with a healthcare system and providers who are not always sensitive to the needs of aging adults
  • Gaining hope that caregiving situations can improve
  • Meeting caregivers in similar situations to reduce feelings of loneliness, isolation, and frustration
  • Reducing feelings of caregiver burnout that result in more positive caregiving relationships
  • The crossover in skills learned translates to other parts of life. These include better time management, organization, planning, and communication skills.

More information about help for caregivers, support groups, programs, and Caregiving TV is available on Pamela's websites, PamelaDWilson and Caregiving TV.


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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA, a National Certified Guardian and Certified Senior Advisor, is a caregiving thought leader, elder care expert, advocate, and speaker. Pamela offers family caregivers programming and support to navigate the challenges of providing, navigating, and planning for care. She guides professionals practicing in estate planning, elder and probate law, and financial planning to create plans to address unexpected concerns identified in her past role as a professional fiduciary. Healthcare professionals are supported by Pamela’s expertise to increase responsiveness and sensitivity to the extensive range of care challenges faced by care recipients and caregivers. Contact Pamela HERE

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