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Caregiving: One Crisis Away from Getting Help
Pamela D. Wilson - Caregiver Subject Matter Expert Pamela D. Wilson - Caregiver Subject Matter Expert
Denver, CO
Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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Date: February 22, 2023

          Denver, CO – Many caregivers or their loved ones are one crisis away from getting help. Unfortunately, while everyone does their best in family care situations, unexpected events result.

Aging parents who resist help because of a desire to maintain their independence can fall or experience a change in health. An injury or health emergency can mean receiving support is no longer a choice but a necessity. Caregivers are so busy that they focus on immediate tasks and may overlook small details that indicate a loved one's health is worsening.

So how can family caregivers avoid crises by considering longer-term issues while juggling everything that must be done today? Caregivers—as much as the persons they care for—don't want to ask for help. Adult children feel a sense of responsibility or duty to care for elderly parents.

Join Pamela D Wilson at the FREE Virtual Rocky Mountain Conference on Dementia on Thursday, March 2, 2023

Family caregivers and professionals can join Wilson's session, Tips to Survive Caregiving When No Choice is Ideal, at the free virtual Rocky Mountain Conference on Dementia on Thursday, March 2, 2022. Wilson will answer questions from session attendees.  

The session will cover the hard realities many caregivers face, like not having enough money to pay for private care, planning for Medicaid, and having to move loved ones. In addition, the session will provide tips and resources to navigate care transitions, especially during challenging times.

Register for the free virtual conference HERE or call 800-272-3900.

Listen to This Week's Episode of The Caring Generation Podcast

In this week's episode of The Caring Generation Podcast and in her YouTube video, Caregiving Expert Pamela D Wilson shares eight tips to avoid crises. The longer you wait to create a family plan or discuss caregiving challenges, the more likely caregivers and the persons they care for will face a situation that makes life more challenging.

A preview of tips discussed in the podcast includes:

  • Recognize that knowledge and experience gaps exist between generations
  • Be sensitive to the health needs of aging parents even if you don't understand them because you are healthy
  • Do not become overly helpful and make loved ones more dependent
  • Learn to set boundaries so that you can create a caregiving plan for the future

Unexpected situations happen every day. The goal is to avoid becoming a caregiver or an older adult in crisis. Use tips from the podcast and Pamela's session at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Conference on Dementia to reduce the likelihood of responding to unexpected situations that place families in crises.

Family Caregiver Support

Wilson's newly released video and the information on her website, including an extensive online course, provide detailed step-by-step education and instructions to guide family caregivers through uncertainty and challenging times. She responds to answers to questions that caregivers ask with videos on her YouTube Channel and worldwide podcast, The Caring Generation.

Learn more about Pamela at www.pameladwilson.com.


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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA is an international caregiver subject matter expert, advocate, and speaker. More than 20 years of experience as a direct service provider in the roles of a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, and care manager provides one-of-a-kind support for family caregivers and aging adults interested in taking steps to be proactive about health, well-being, and caregiving. Pamela may be reached at +1 303-810-1816 or through her website.


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