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Capricorns Have Starring Role In Age Of Aquarius - 2021 Horoscope
Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Now out of 2020’s dark tunnel, Capricorns step into leadership, power, mentoring. See why in your Capricorn 2021 horoscope.

"Astrologer Anne," Chicago-based astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike, has published her 2021 horoscope for everyone born under the sign of Capricorn as part of her "Cosmic Love Letter" series, offering horoscopes for each of the 12 signs.

Capricorns Bore Brunt Of 2020's Burdens, Now Assume Leadership And Power

"Of all the zodiac signs, you bore the brunt of 2020's heavy demands," Nordhaus-Bike tells Capricorns. "You've been under a personal raincloud for so very long that you may not realize how much light is available and how much darkness has finally left your world."

Capricorns have "been tested and found worthy," Nordhaus-Bike said. "You now wear the face of leadership, authority, and gravitas. You're an elder in the tribe, whatever your chronological age, and you're aligned to integrity and the greater good. Others know they can depend on you to come through, no matter what. And with Pluto still in your sign through 2024, that gives you power."

Capricorn In Age Of Aquarius

According to Nordhaus-Bike, humanity has moved into the Age Of Aquarius predicted in the 1960s—an age more altruistic, humanitarian, futuristic, and idealistic.

Capricorns in the Age Of Aquarius now find themselves focusing on several areas, Nordhaus-Bike said. "Friendship. Selfless help for others. Standing up to authority so you can express your hopes, dreams, and wishes—and making them come true," she said. "Mentoring the next generation so they can manifest their hopes, dreams, and wishes."

Three Mercury retrogrades in 2021 "will uplift your thoughts and redirect your professional potential toward idealism so you can invent a way to change the world through the work you do," she explained.

Capricorn is "one of the stars of this new Age Of Aquarius show," Nordhaus-Bike said, noting that the actions of Capricorns are "going to make all the difference in creating the very best version of an Age Of Aquarius we can muster as a species."

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About Astrologer Anne

Astrologer Anne is Anne Nordhaus-Bike, a longtime professional astrologer and award-winning astrology journalist.

She's also in demand as a speaker and is a frequent and popular guest on radio, where she takes calls from listeners and shares what's in the stars for every astrology sign. Her free horoscopes cover every zodiac sign for devoted readers on her website. The National Women's Hall of Fame honored her accomplishments, adding her to its Wall Of Fame. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

For more information, go to https://astrologeranne.com/

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