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Can we use technology and human foresight to support the next generations- you bet!
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Yes I can donor card in the UK
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Good Samaritan is one phrase that describes how a live donor transplant chain can start. For example, this story, one of individual initiative(s) where Pauric Dolan, resident of Enniskillen, Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, happened to play music on a hill and become a feature story in the Impartial Reporter.  This led to finding out about Joshua Dolan, an 8 year old renal patient looking for a live donor match due to health problems that primarily will be remedied by finding the right kidney donor as soon as possible due to organ failure.

Another way the Kidney Transplant world can get the right transplant match is from an advanced voucher kidney donation, in this case because this youngster only has one kidney many small papers and social media are putting out the call to find a chain that can support this child and his family withstand the search and the needs caused by waiting to be on the list in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but happily where a new regional transplant surgical unit hopes to find the right donor and pursue the second life changing paediatric transplant perhaps with all of our help.

Clan Logan has just published its quarterly newsletter, July 2020, Our Valour, with a challenge to the clan to see if members, friends and families might be able to connect the patient with a donor and a donor with saving his young life.  Actually the story is much bigger than the coincidence that brought Pauric to tell me about Joshua and lead to this medical literacy story.  There is a reason to look at Northern Ireland in the UK and make this need literally our own.  First we hope to have two functioning kidneys that last a lifetime, but being human that may or may not be the case.  Secondly most of us are ignorant that we can both take an action to secure this child and his future and the process starts with a blood draw to find out about blood type, HLA and leukocytes and new software and cybermatching that means an offer from a donor does not go to waste.  It makes sense to rely on the huge body of immigrants that are perhaps distantly related, but actually this psa aims at creating at least 2 donor chains one for the U.S. and one for Northern Ireland.  It allows me to recognize that although we may not all be regionally accessible to donate, we could create excitement with the Joshua donation challenge and accelerate the chances that the young Mr. Dolan can find the gift of life offered by receiving a live donor kidney.  The challenge is also important because Mrs. Dobson and many MPs, community members, the Western Trust and specialists across the world and specifically in the six counties have worked long and hard to make this kind of donation possible.  This is an opportunity to pay it forward here and there (worldwide) that children can live.  The data registrys exist to service communities so that others can be listed for future causes when there is a need.  Through valour and generosity despite hardship.... humanity can plan, register and give thus joining the medical history and innovation just launching at the paediatric unit at the Royal Hospital in Belfast. Help make Renal Kidney Live Donor Transplant Ambassador Joan-Anne Dobson s dream true...add your legacy gift to this thriving new resource for the UK and Ireland where there is a great ongoing need. Like John Hume, communicate and make a new kind of peace of mind and heart possible by helping others.  Cead Mile Failte to all who read this and pass this idea on.

For more information about Joshua and how you can help...



You can make all the difference in the world to this boy and his mum if you would fill out the form at: donatelife.co.uk. 


Fill out the form whether through the National Kidney Register for the U.S. or for the UK at the donate life link.....now.  If not now, when and if not us, who.



Find out about Joshua in the Impartial Reporter, in the Derry Journal, BBC NI True North program (documentary), in the Banbridge Leader...... on his mothers (Joshua Dolan go fund me) site, or find out about the extraordinary medical transplant initiative for the North and the UK or about transplants and registries instead of dialysis when possible online.  Join the heroes that have become organ donors and the transplant patients that will receive a whole new life from the valour and heart of those who are using new technology to help many patients find the wish of a lifetime that starts with joining a donor chain.

US Registry and Donor Support:


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Thanks to Gemma Murray, Derry Journal, Jo-anne Dobson, UCLA International Transplant Unit, National Kidney Registry, 

JPIMedia Limited Papers, UNOS, Gannett.....who helped support the elements behind this release.

Go Fund Me:


Renal Function and Failure Map:https://i.pinimg.com/736x/c9/67/7c/c9677c0851f61f3452790d4b58f554b0.jpg

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