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Dateline: American Fork, UT
Monday, February 7, 2022


February 7, 2022


Today is another day of BitCoin ascendency. Have we crossed the River of Black Holes and made it to the Cryptonic Galaxy’s sector of healthy glowing stars and inhabitable green and blue planets? I don’t think one should ever lose awareness of the volatile nature of Crypto- but, yes, I guess it is time for a bit of actual celebration.

I am going to again feature the work of Chris at MMCrypto- today and over the last few days. It is partly because he has done so remarkably well in his predictions, which always included caveats to the dark side – despite his often-unrelenting optimism.

Early in the morning of February 5 (maybe 4:30 AM), I got up to look at BTC.  My concern is that it seemed to be trapped in the $41000 channel for several days. So, at that moment in time when I opened my account, it was only a few dollars away from $42.000 and I absolutely watched it crawl over to the other side. Wow! I thought- but then moments later I saw it drop and right now- almost. At 8:00 AM, it was then $41,496

At some point yon February 4th, Chris at MMCrypto did a new video. I would call this a kind of semi-celebration video. He says,” Bitcoin has just been doing what we all have been waiting for.” He then reviewed his last video, which I linked to a few days ago, the main point being- that the death cross is not necessarily a pattern indicating a price drop- but it actually can be a bullish scenario. And so, it was. The green candle reflecting this was like Jack’s beanstalk, growing and growing up through the clouds (resistance). Anyway, despite this semi-ridiculous metaphor- what he had shown that every time people had invested in the death cross in BTC, they made substantial games.

Now, although it made a breakthrough after a great deal of points of resistance, there appeared to be one more river to cross. Take a look at Chris’ video and find out what that means.

BITCOIN PUMP!!!! WHAT NOW (new trade)

Now, whereas the last video was semi-celebratory, last night’s video passes that qualification. In his customary phraseology, Chris mentions how his adversaries (those disillusioned mainly with his optimism) who had been laughing and spitting at him (how do you spit on someone on the Internet (I forgot about Virtual Media), so I supposed it is possible. But I have to say, this man does stick to his methodology- and, yes, the result seems sometimes uncanny. Not just because of the general direction of BTC, but because of the precise numbers of moments of significant change that he often predicts. Still, as he admits, there was a negative breakdown he did not predict exactly as it happened, but yes, the nature of the breakout upwards did follow his forecast. Is Chris invulnerable? I don’t think so- but I believe I have watched more carefully because of his videos.

In this case, when BTC went higher, Chris mobilized a trade. It wasn’t the multi-million dollar trade he had tried before- but just one million (JUST!!!!?). At any rate, for his place in the investment world, this was a very moderate trade- and was meant to test the waters- so he could watch what happened next. And then he may scale the trad up.  He will then take his first profits at $44,400.  Soon he sees price targets at 47,000 and 55,000.

Although I am happy to share my summaries about this and other videos, these videos need to be seen to appreciate patterns that are discussed, articles shared, and the nuances involved whenever someone like Chris describes his journey.


Lark Davis is someone I also like to follow. He is very friendly and positive- but also seems quite willing to report challenges when they come up. In this video, he is going to advise us about 5 critical crypto dates for 2022.

The first is Solana, which had to be rebooted a few times and went through some performance issues. So, Solana is going through some fresh upgrades, specifically to deal with the performance issues at “dirt-cheek.”  So, the date for fixing this could be late February or early march.

The third is the The Federal Reserve, which has a meeting in March. There is a possibility of rates being raised at various times, possibly 3 times, according to the FED- whereas the Bank of America says maybe 7 times, corresponding to every official meeting. Whereas these initial raises don’t necessarily hurt equity markets or Crypto, future raises could exert a negative interest on the market.

The third is Ethereum wince an Ethereum surge about to happen in June 2022. This could be gigantic since Ethereum itself, without its Level 2 connected coins, accounts for 20% of the entire crypto market. A major upgrade is expected. Proof of work will be turned off- and proof of stake will be initiated. Thereafter, since mining has stopped, Eth will no longer be using as much energy to create as a small country but now as a small town. Also, tremendous amount of burning will start, further augmenting its price because its coins \will become scarcer and hence deflationary.

Number four are BTC ETFs, according to some, should be accepted in mid-2022. Although this may predictably become a trillion-dollar business, it is mainly because these investors don’t want to hold private keys or fool directly with exchanges and worry about personally trading. This may ultimately become a very powerful part of the BTC market.

Number five is Cardano, controversial but very exciting crypto, very well-financed, and very innovative. It is now developing a hydra scaling solution. This scaling may occur within the first half part of this year.  Its recent release of Sunday Swap was a very big event.

There is absolutely no way that looking at this summary will capture the many nuances in the data. People interested in Lark can subscribe to his channel but also to his free weekly investment report at https://cryptolark.co/WEALTHMASTERY


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I happy to present George (CryptoRUs) at a point of what he calls BitCoin’s “Good Volatility.”  As George said, every Chinese New Year BitCoin has dumped- but this year things might be

Different and so they have been. Has some of this been do to some crypto activity in China? Would China rethink its ban on Crypto and Crypto mining. Other factors that will certainly impact the markets is the release of data concerning the price index and new information about yet unreleased earnings Twitter, Disney, Pfizer and many others. He shows a remarkable chart showing the relationship between the U.S. Dollar and BTC- and even with its volatile downsizing, nothing would have beaten BitCoin as a hedge against inflation. Would Michael Saylor agree? I think so.


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