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Dateline: American Fork, UT
Thursday, February 3, 2022


February 3, 2022



Oops! I thought things again were looking great but I also  déjà vu- I have  been  here before when we were at $38000 BTC and pushing ahead to $39000 plus. But the forces that be declared “The weather’s great and its going to be warm and wonderful soon. But, just for

Fun, let’s take a little dip. It is interesting that our first video by Chris at MMCrypto is actually being videographed while Chris is standing in the middle of the Ocean (probably in Thailand)/

As an expert on technical analysis, I am always interested in listening to Chris. I do think he

gives options for price targets- but I don’t really listen to people alone when I am making  decisions, however poor they may be. I try to connect with my own intuition- and even that, although I am sometimes right, I retain a rather large degree of self-skepticism. As was said about Socrates, “He became known as the wisest man in Athens because he knew what he didn’t know.” Yet, this is an arena that all types of investors are in.

In the video down below, Chris notes that on February 2nd, he said something crazy happened. BitCoin began to dip but in a kind of uncertain and volatile way. Chris believes that the dip may hit an interesting point in several ways, both bringing BitCoin to a spike that could go up to   $47000 because of the formation of a W pattern. For those who want to face Chris’ reality, look how he handles the charts below. He intends to put a multi-million dollar trade when BitCoin crosses over to the $39,000 level (with stop-loss).Another point to listen to is why Chris generally refuses to short BitCoin. So here’s what Chris at MMCrypto has to say to his mega-following.

I have always liked creating advertising and promotion copy. When I was in radio sales, I always created my own commercial scripts. I also worked with audio engineers and actors to create them.

Now, I am going to present in this blog various videos which affirm very high spikes for various coins. I should say here- as most commentators will- that this is not actually professional financial advice- but even if it was, we need to be wary. Crypto investment rests on many volatile directions- not always amenable to reasonable precicition.But, still, it is true that there have been numerous Crypto millionaires in which part of their portfolio gained 10x-20x-25x-100x and that is because their speculation paid off.

This is from Alex Becker’s channel and was first show on January 28 2022. This video catches him in middle of yet another downturn- and he counsels his audience that this is the time the most money can be made in Crypto if you can follow the correct steps (in his opinion). Although he says this is basically a strategy session, although he will mention a few coins- he also says there is no times for jokes. Yet, I find him often totally hilarious in an unerring vainglorious way.

He points out here how difficult it is to determine the bottom of BitCoin. I remind my faithful viwers (if there are any) that I cited one advisory account I had that made about 4 highly justified predictions about the bottom. Alex is not fooling here with a bottom. He says it is a waiting game to find the best trades. So one of the strategies is to wait for a BitCoin reset, which may not last forever- but get on at the beginning before the coins begin to rise- in which case you might lose 10% but worth it  so you can get off early enough to get massive gains. The point is not necessarily to get at the beginning of the reset- but to look for something of a slow start where there is not much movement but you believe the potential is there.

Alex explains a lot more about strategy here- so listen to his video. And be aware that he says that joining his Twitter account will give you the opportunity to see things he is working on, not always available for view by subscribing to his YouTube channel.


As you may remember from a few days ago, I mentioned that Michael Saylor was about to host a big BitCoin event. As Altcoin Daily recounts, one of the speakers was Jack Dorsey, who is featured in a 90 second clip, where he speaks of the intrinsic value of BitCoin versus Ethereum and other major coins. Worth listening to.

Cardano has now added over 100 smart contracts in two days. Although this was the highest jump, Cadano has been moving massively in this direction. It has also grown its Block Size to 80K, which will make Cardano more scalable and carry more transaction per unit of time.

We believe in our clients and we honor their special needs.


In our New Galaxy Blogs, we share various types of videos for you to scrutinize. Unless we specifically say so, we do not necessarily agree with their content, in whole or in part. Sometimes, we will present written or audio/video material concerned with health or financial issues. We always recommend that before you try anything, you check with your medical or certified health professional before engaging in a health protocol- and with your best qualified financial advisor before embarking on any financial adventure

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