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September 2023

The Nonfiction Authors Association has given the coveted Nonfiction Book Award to Creating Business Magic: How the Power of Magic Can Inspire, Innovate, and Revolutionize Your Business, written by top corporate and political strategist David Morey, magic legend Eugene Burger, and former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin—with the renowned David Copperfield authoring the book’s foreword. It is the first book to apply the strategies of magic as practiced by the world’s greatest magicians to the challenges we face today in business, leadership, innovation, marketing, and managing change.

“This book explains how thinking like a magician can take you and your endeavors to new heights of success,” writes Las Vegas headliner David Copperfield, who has sold more tickets than Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Elvis. And NFL Hall of Fame running back and entrepreneur Franco Harris writes: “This book shows us how to apply the principles of magic to drive your business ahead, to inspire, to innovate, and to create amazing wins.”

The Wharton School’s Jerry Wind calls Creating Business Magic “a must-read book that is both inspirational and instructive.” And another NFL Hall of Famer—today a CEO entrepreneur—Fran Tarkenton concludes: “Business at its best, like NFL quarterbacking at its best, is about strategy and improvisation perfectly balanced. That is the magic that David Morey and his co-authors show you how to master in this terrific book.”

The authors’ objective is not to create a new generation of magicians, but rather to adapt nine strategies of the world’s greatest magicians to inspire boundless imagination, bolster innovation, energize leadership, and spark success in any business.

“Creating Business Magic is about the conviction that imagination can make magicians of us all,” says author David Morey.

Each chapter opens with a scenario depicting a pivotal historic moment in magic?from Harry Houdini to Doug Henning to Penn and Teller to David Copperfield?and uses it as a starting point to explore how the magical technique employed can create a fertile environment for disruptive innovation and propel a company many years ahead of the competition. The disruptive strategies demonstrate how to:

  • Anticipate the next trends out of thin air
  • Create remarkable new products that wow customers
  • Launch marketing and advertising campaigns that will mesmerize “aspirationals”
  • Make dazzling sales presentations
  • Resolve seemingly unsolvable business dilemmas

Specifically designed for companies seeking to achieve the transformative, innovative results of the authors’ illustrious corporate and political clientele?GE, Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney, Microsoft, Google, NBC, five Nobel Prize winners, including President Barack Obama?Creating Business Magic is both an authoritative business management book and a spectacular, entertaining read.

For more details on the award, visit https://nonfictionauthorsassociation.com/category/bookawards.

For more information on the book, please call 888-626-9776 or visit www.creatingbizmagic.com to purchase the book.

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