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                                                Marilyn L, Redmond 

Changing the Negative to the Positive


By Marilyn L, Redmond , BA, ABH, IUBRT 


Were you raised in a family thatwas happy, laughed, or worked as a team? When the family history has trauma,fear, anger, shame, or other negativity, it is passed on to the children. I foundI was a good sponge to the emotions and past trauma of my family, which was dysfunctionalwith anger, fear, and mental illness passed on to them. I was so used to thenegative attitudes, judgments, and survival of my family, that I followed theirmodeling. It goes down through the generations. Therefore, I followed theirlead. I did not know there was another way to handle life.

It has taken years to peel theonion to realize, I was living the life of my parents. History was repeating itselfin my life. I thought if I married, I could create a happy family where we wereclose and helpful to each other with love. I tried very hard to be the perfectwife, mother, teacher, homemaker, and more. It all lead to a disaster over time, as I married someone with the sameinfluences as my family of origin. I went to church, took my children to church,and looked good at my job and in the neighborhood. It just got worse as insidethe walls of our house. There was no peace and happiness.

Through the trauma I enduredwhich mirrored my childhood, I prayed spontaneously, "God I do not want todie". My prayers were answered and I ended up in a treatment center forbeing addicted to the pills from my psychiatrist. I had gone for help, but thepills had addicted me. I learned about meditation in their program. My churchhad preached against meditation and this was a difficult to change..

I had never heard of faith or totrust the universe. I could not trust my parents, how could I trust something Icould not see, a spirit of love that created the universe. When I found it is aCreative Intelligence, a Spirit of the Universe underlying the totality ofthings, I began to be possessed of a new sense of power and direction, providedI took other simple steps. I realized the Creator was in my heart, it was love.Love is always positive. It is there for each of us.

With the decision to move out ofthe negativity, I choose to change from being fear based in my life to beinglove based.  That my ego was running mylife was new to me. I just did what I was told in the past from my family,husband, work, church, and medicine. It seemed to be making my life as if I wereliving in a nightmare. Ego can mean Edging God Out. I needed to move from myhead/ego into my heart. I decided to merge God in to my life that meant comingfrom love. This decision is still playing out with my finding that I can createa happy and healthier life.   

I wanted to affirm the truthabout me and not what I had been raised to believe. Over the years I identifiedall my fears, guilt, shame, jealously, and more to replace them with a positiveconfirmation. Over time, my thinking changed with daily validation of myworthiness and value. I found using my new affirmations and using Flower Essencesallowed the old negative messages to flow out of my consciousness and leavespace for the positive messages to replace them.  My life was gradually changing as I used differentFlower Essences to release newly identified negativity and turn it around intobeing positive.

I now substitute the positive forthe negative and my life is growing into the light of truth. What if the darktruth of the future gets filled with your light when it arrives? Expecting themost benevolent things for yourself and others to actually create a powerful energythat is then part of creating your own reality.

My life has transformed to seeingthrough the eyes of goodness in all things. I learn the lessons to move on fromeach upset. I can now respond in loving solutions instead of reacting from thepast fears and trauma. Now when I get out of bed in the morning, I can expectgood things and I feel a light to go before me with whatever I am faced. I havegrown up and matured into adulthood. .

I was told to change everything andI have. I wrote the details for this process in "Paradigm Busters" atAmazon. The process forchanging fear, resentments, and other parts of life are given in information, realstories, and charts to sort out changes in your thinking. I am no longer that powerlessvictim used by others. My insides now match my outsides, most of the time. Lovenever fails. I am able to have a life where I have my own power to be true tomyself.  

"Paradigm Busters" is anew approach for a New Age. https://www.amazon.com/Marilyn-Redmond/e/B0069WIKDC  "This bookcontains a lifetime of wisdom and insight into the mind-body-spirit connectionof healing and wholeness. If you are trying to reach new levels of health ortrying to find your purpose in life, this book is a must read." ~ Dr.Kathleen Drake, Chiropractor 

“Marilyn Redmond has spent her life bringing lightand love from the realm of angels and spirit to this world of ours. In thisbook she shares with us, some of her rich history as she helps us betterunderstand the beauty of our own Divine selves.” ~ Gladys Taylor McGarey M.D.MD [H]

 “Happiness is an inside job, which can never be reached with drugs!Following this wise advice could save your life, and a great deal of suffering.HUGS, Norm.” ~ C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. President, HolosInstitutes of Health Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine President EmeritusHolos University Graduate Seminary


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