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CES 2022: A Consumer Electronics Show Like No Other
Steve Greenberg --  Gadget Guy aka Innovation Insider Steve Greenberg -- Gadget Guy aka Innovation Insider
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: New York, NY
Tuesday, January 4, 2022


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is like no other—BUT it’s still jam-packed with innovations— and I have a bunch of examples to share with you—

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This is the Felaqua Connect by Sure Petcare

It’s a SMART water bowl that can monitor the drinking habits of up to 32-different cats

Using the cat’s microchip—it can monitor HOW OFTEN, HOW MUCH and WHEN they drink

It’s important to be aware of your cat’s drinking behavior—because veterinarians agree a change in drinking behavior can be a serious health indicator.  Learn more at www.SurePetcare.com   

Astro Slide 5G from Planet Computers

the world’s first 5G smartphone with a built-in full physical keyboard OWC’s MiniStack STX

This is a compact must-have device that is a storage system AND a hub for Macs, PC’s, iPads, Chromebooks and Android tablets–

Just launched and using Thunderbolt-4 certified technology— it is fastest hub and storage product on the market

Lots of port options and enough storage for photography, audio and video editing 

Available at MacSales.com 

https://vimeo.com/657047441?embedded=true&source=vimeo_logo&owner=43108072    (fast transfers 0:22)

5. Are you worried about the countless reports of smartphones and smart speakers eavesdropping and hearing things they shouldn’t?
You’re not alone— 

Here’s a solution— Cradle Block-n-Talk from Pozio.com (Pause-EE-Oh)
It’s wireless charging dock for your phone that also BLOCKS the personal assistant AND any of the apps from hearing your voice 

Here’s a DEMO:

“Siri What’s the temperature in Las Vegas right now?” —no answer— 
THEN—when I say:
“Pozio STOP — Siri what’s the temperature in Las Vegas right now?” (Siri says the temp)

You get a 30-second window when the personal assistant CAN hear you–Then when the 30 seconds is up— your voice is blocked again

It wouldn’t be CES without a robot– check out

Yummy Future

I’m told by the team behind this one-armed wonder it will be serving drinks and snacks at a coffee house in Illinois in about 6 weeks

 Circula from AirLabo

This hand dryer uses suction— so instead of blowing droplets into the room and into your face — this vacuums your wet hands— produces much fewer droplets— and is a potentially safer option in the public bathroom

And speaking of suction—check out the world’s first flexible vacuum cleaner nozzle from a German company called Mytek

This Archelis Exoskeleton

Is designed to take the pressure off your lower back when you have to stand and work for a long time— for example in a factory or a nurse or surgeon in an operating room. 

This Exoskeleton basically lets you “sit” while standing. No power, no batteries needed. 

(0:06 to :10 then :22 to 1:03)

And speaking of batteries—most of us have standard Lithium Ion batteries in most of our tech toys—but they’re potentially dangerous– 

Check out a standard Lithium Ion Batteries vs new Nanotech Organolyte Batteries

You puncture a Lithium Ion battery with nail, YIKES you’ve got a problem= 0:25

Heat up a Lithium Ion battery to 300+ degrees, not good= 1:28 

Nanotech Organolyte batteries can handle a nail puncture = 1:02

AND they keep working when heated to 300+ degrees= 1:58

 Orbisk uses artificial intelligence image recognition technology to measure the daily food being dumped into the trash. With this information—Orbisk can analyze the food losses, and help chefs and restauranteurs reduce their food waste and improve sustainability and profitability

Skippy food delivery robot — “And FINALLY–  this is little guy is Skippy from Carbon Origins— he’s a friendly neighborhood robotic food delivery system that is controlled through Virtual Reality goggles and with Artificial Intelligence— Skippy is already picking up and dropping off food orders in St Paul and will soon expand to Minneapolis later this year —and best of all–  you don’t need to tip Skippy


Ainenne Infant Sleep Trainer

First Ascent has developed “ainenne,” an AI-powered nursery lamp that shines “morning light” to reset babies’ sleep cycles. Designed to ease parental angst, the adjustable LED lamp with a white noise function also helps babies fall asleep. Doubles as “cry analyzer” to discern babies’ emotions (“hungry,” “angry,” etc.). 


LINKLET is 4G/LTE-embedded wearable super wide angle camera. By direct connection to Zoom/Microsoft Teams with hands-free wearable device, it realizes one-to-many communication in the first person view, which enables 100+ experts and audience members over your shoulder. Example applications are for online lessons, set up/repair support, and live streaming.

ViraWarn by Opteev claims it is the world’s first affordable COVID-19 detector. ViraWarn is able to instantly detect particles of any variant of COVID-19 in the air and then triggers an alert. They have both a personal diagnostic tester and a Covid room monitor version. Think of it as a smoke alarm but for COVID-19.  https://opteev.com  

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