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CEO Code Author Featured on Cody Talks: David Rohlander Gets to Heart of Success, Communication, Execution & Operations
David Rohlander - The CEO's Coach David Rohlander - The CEO's Coach
Orange , CA
Monday, June 03, 2013

David Rohlander, Author of The CEO Code, flew 208 Combat Missions in Vietnam
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David Rohlander, author of the just released The CEO Code: Create a Great Company and Inspire People to Greatness With Practical Advice from an Experienced Executive, was the featured guest on the Cody Talks Radio Show on June 2. During the 40-minute interview Cody and Rohlander explored a number of different topics, from success to education to networking and on to strategy for effective communication in business and personal relationships. A fascinating topic was a networking organization, The Maestro Group, started by the author in the last year for highly accomplished people to get together and share ideas on topics of all kinds. Started in Rohlander's home base of Orange County, California, he hopes to take the concept of quality networking nationwide. Cody agreed that quality over quantity was vital in the success of people.

Here is the complete interview of David Rohlander on Cody Talks. Cody is well known for conducting entertaining and informative interviews.

About The CEO Code by David Rohlander:

Broken down into three sections, Communication, Execution and Operation, David Rohlander's The CEO Code contains a series of questions at the end of each chapter in Take Time to Reflect pages that consist of seven questions. Each of the three sections, or Parts, consists of five chapters. Part 1, Communication, is broken down into the following chapters: Trust, Respect, Understanding, Empathy and Resolutions.

Rohlander, who flew 208 combat missions as a fighter pilot over Vietnam in 1967, begins the book with Communication because it is the foundation upon which all else rests and, as he states in first lines of the book, "effective communication takes more than talent, it is an art." Building a leader requires the ability to "relate to people" and he shares his insights on "how to read people as part of the understanding required for effective leadership and communication."

Chapters for Part II, Execution are Action, Repetition, Habits, Attitudes and Feelings while Part III, Operation, gets into deeper waters with Teams, Delegation, Systems, Accountability, and Rewards. At the outset of Execution, Rohlander states that the "Cycle of Success is a core concept within The CEO Code" as it "explores proven and practical formula for setting goals and how to structure them so they positive and enabling."

Rohlanders sets the tone in terms of leadership in Part III, Operation, by likening a well-functioning company to an orchestra. First you need "quality music, then each participant must be in the same place on the score; each player of an instrument must be able and willing to play his or her part. You are the conductor of the orchestra."

Create Your Own Personal and Professional Masterpiece

Praise for David Rohlander's The CEO Code:

"Mr. Rohlander's CEO Code captures the essence of what not only a CEO, but also a CEO's direct reports, should use as management tools for success in dealing with issues and personnel on the path to creating a successful company. Like a well-organized legal brief, Mr. Rohlander's book is thought-provoking, laced with inspiring and persuasive quotes and clear and easy to read …a must for a CEO and his direct reports." ---Raymond F. Schuler, former vice president, secretary and general counsel of three publicly-traded multinational corporations, one a Fortune 500.

"If you follow David's advice and make good, new habits…make sure that one of them is reading this book – again and again." ---Jon Goodman, PhD, President, Town Hall Los Angeles.

"CEO (Communication, Execution and Operations) are the critical factors to success. David has done an excellent job of integrating the ways of success with the whys of competent action and on purpose thinking. His ability to take complex ideas and make them simple and applicable is a gift. Use the CEO to take your company to the next level. You and your organization will never be the same." ---Guy Baker, MBA, MSFS Past President of The Million Dollar Round Table.

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About David Rohlander:

David G. Rohlander is a professional speaker, mentor and executive coach. His passion is working with executives to build their own masterpiece personally and professionally. Flying 208 combat missions as a USAF fighter pilot gave him an appreciation for living with gusto. Then he earned an MBA in finance from California State University and spent nearly a decade with Merrill Lynch. Next he became an entrepreneur, built three companies and developed commercial and residential real estate. Along the way he taught at several universities.

Rohlander has coached partners for Ernst & Young, trained sales teams with Honeywell, and mentored hundreds of CEOs and executives in a wide range of industries. In addition to earning his MBA in finance, Rohlander studied management with Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate University.

David Rohlander
David Rohlander Inc.
Orange, CA
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