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Business Leaders, Directors, and C Suite: Middle Market, Private & Family Business
Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA
Atlanta, GA
Friday, November 11, 2022

For over 30 years, helping Small and Middle Market Leadership globally improve profitability, increase cashflow, reduce risk
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For healthcare, sustainable agriculture and other businesses leaders who want to exploit this crazy, new economy and maintain bottom line profits to create and fund opportunities.

November 12, 2022 – Metro Atlanta – Fiscal Sustainability expert Gary W. Patterson, FiscalDoctor®, is sharing recent research and asking for your thoughts. 

Who should consider commenting or talking?

  • Corporate directors, key committee chairs and board chairs
  • Corporate officers and C-suite executives
  • Shareholders, stakeholders, and regulators
  • SMB, middle market and global 2000

Dueling Spreadsheets Return

Remember the joke that: "We lose 100$ on every unit we ship.  So we make it up on volume."

Call this the "dueling spreadsheet" syndrome where there are multiple interpretations among various departments as to the best pricing model. Because, groups understands their part of the issue better than other groups, and may underappreciate where another group better understands its niche.

This is not to say that one pricing model fits all but rather the pricing model(s) used should reflect appropriate assumptions and logic about cost, profit, the market and target customer profiles.

When companies resolve this issue, they normally need an in-depth version of:

  1. An independent review of the major dueling spreadsheet underlying assumptions and insights;
  2. Looking at those assumptions with no political bias or need to repay past support or working relationships, and
  3. Reconsidering the assumptions based upon what often is a new overall strategic plan or resource availability.

The reassembled pricing model or key assumptions usually borrows pieces from each of the major proponents and adds some elements which always bubble up with a fresh set of eyes. Or maybe a completely different look, like this one. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Whichever works best for your organization at this point in time can help you benefit from putting the pieces of your pricing model back together for better results than you had yesterday.

 Again, what do you think, are you hearing etc.?

READY TO TALK: Imagine what I could do for you. Start making better, more profitable, business decisions, email me at gary@FiscalDoctor.com or call me direct at 678-319-4739.

About FiscalDoctor® Inc

Gary Patterson, president & CEO of FiscalDoctor Inc., works with leaders who want to uncover their blind spot before it finds them, so they can make better decisions. He can also help increase your profitability. Gary can be reached at 678-319-4739 or gary@FiscalDoctor.com 

Author of Million Dollar Blind Spots: 20/20 Vision for Financial Growth and Best Practices for Long-Term Business Health

Call me at 678-319-4739 to discuss  your situation, or just to say hello.


Gary Patterson

FiscalDoctor, Inc.

678-319-4739  www.FiscalDoctor.com

Helped 2 successful INC 500 international companies grow rapidly profitably

Author of audiobook How to Ask the Right 10 Questions for your Business   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWEunY_MN_c

There is always time to talk about how I can be a helpful trusted resource.

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