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Burbank Cooordinating Council needs you this weekend December 12pm 7-2pm, 30 volunteer openings
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Los Angeles, CA
Monday, December 7, 2020

Grab the bags and start sorting for each family, this weekend give them out!!!

It is Holiday Basket Time with a request for 30 volunteers next Saturday, December 12th in Burbank

Yesterday, in the midst of BCC activities of sorting gifts for next weekends Holiday Basket Distribution Day, Saturday, December 12th, the call went out to find 30 more special people to create this heart-warming community holiday event from Santa's workshop housed in various sites across Burbank.

If you have not heard of the Burbank Coordinating Council in Burbank, it is a collaboration of that is an annual tradition provide holiday cheer across Burbank every year for a number of families, a tradition that started in 1933 with 5 holiday dinners. (Sign up- Burbank Coordinating Council: Holiday Baskets (signupgenius.com)) Volunteer forms in 3 languages (VOLUNTEER/DONOR FORM | Coordinating Council (burbankcc.org)) It is a living legacy working this week as a combination of citizens from all cultures and walks of life…, an active membership of non-profits, churches, schools, businesses, service organizations, city and school offices, and individuals and families making the holidays a season of smiles.  They are a 501 3 and all donations are deductive to the full extent of the law.

Please contact us through ccholidaybaskets@aol.com, or call 818 216 9377


Today, it is an annual event of good cheer with the entire community's involvement.  Although it is requested that all families sanitize all food and gifts before taking them into their homes, BCC will be serving over 400 families with Santa-like precision and detailed planning that assures that each participating home gets more that a smile on their face, but a sense of being part of a community that cares about them.  Revolutionary, you bet, but this is a heartening and worthwhile quick day of volunteering that may become your special annual tradition like it has become my own.

This must winter event can only function with its band of partner elves in concert….so you are invited to contact the organizers to become of a vital team of 30 new volunteers by contacting Janet Diel or Socorro Oseguera the co-chairs of the holiday basket committee at 818-216-9377, www.burbankcc.org, using ccholidaybaskets@aol.com ASAP this week to guarantee their sterling results.

Who: The Burbank Coordinating Council annual Holiday Basket and volunteers in masks and observing Covid-19 guidelines to make the Winter warmer and a lot more fun!  You can now join in – email Janet or Socorro and find out how to help.

Request and Timespan: Thirty persons (15 years old and up) are requested to be available between 7am (orientation) -2pm (clean-up) to distribute gifts to families who will pick up their packages between 8am-noon.

Quantity needed and Time to Sign up: 30 new volunteers (please contact the organizers above as soon as possible before Wednesday)

Where and When: Joslyn Adult Center Parking Lot at Olive and Griffith Park (enter at Olive and drive-up Griffith Park to the 1st driveway, only one entrance). This Saturday morning December 12th.

Contact: ASAP Ccholidaybaskets@aol.com or call 818-216-9377 (masks, gloves, water provided)

Students: You can get community service hours, bring your slips to sign.

Annually you can take part: Mail a donation to PO Box 10126, Burbank, CA 91510 or set aside products, vehicles, employee community service support, money to help next year or when they recover.

This is a holiday high.  An important way to care for others and an amazing organizational feat well worth supporting all year.  This Saturday with your help they will get out the presents, food, and toys and treats between 8am-12pm and everyone will go home at 2pm.  Take part and your sense of making a difference will be anchored in for this holiday and if you are lucky for Christmas or winter holidays to come.  If you are a San Fernando Valley nonprofit, consider joining, this is a marvelous organization and it keeps paying it forward for children, babies, parents, grandparents….a real joy to behold.

Even with Covid 19 Clock down you can stay Active and Engaged with Safety Protocols:

Joslyn Center | Cove Communities Senior Association

Joslyn Adult Center 1301 W Olive Ave Burbank, CA Recreation Centers - MapQuest


The Event, the Organization, the Families that make this happen:

Burbank Holiday Baskets Program Gears Up For Holiday Cheer - myBurbank.com


Go to myBurbank.com and see the years and years of volunteers….

burbank coordinating council holiday basket event at DuckDuckGo

Angels on the go:

burbank coordinating council holiday basket event at DuckDuckGo


Organizing all year long:

burbank coordinating council holiday basket event at DuckDuckGo

burbank coordinating council holiday basket event at DuckDuckGo


Joslyn Adult Center will stage the family bag pickup:

1301 West Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91506


Joslyn Adult Center | Burbank, CA




In 1946, in coordination with The Bureau of Public Assistance, the Christmas Basket Program was created. In 1996 the name was changed to "Holiday Basket Pro-gram" We coordinate with Churches, PTAs, Studios, Individuals, Businesses, Clubs, City Offices Family Service Agency, and BTAC to provide Holiday Baskets of food and toys to low income families with school age children. We have served over 2600 people annually.

Why volunteer?- Become Smile Experts during Covid 19 2020........ Make new friends, get service hours, join the team, make a difference......




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