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Building an SEO-focused Website
Randall Craig, Business Growth, Thought Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Digital Randall Craig, Business Growth, Thought Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Digital
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Sunday, June 9, 2024


Building an SEO-focused website is NOT done by hiring an SEO expect. And the reason is simple: they may be technical experts on SEO, but they are not experts on your organization, they are not experts on the problem you solve, and they are even less likely to be experts on your target market. You are. So you, or people in your organization, are the absolutely best positioned to figure out what should be on your site to attract your prospects.

Building an SEO-focused Website

Yes, there are technical things that should be done, and yes, you can hire people to do that work, but this must really happen only after you do the heavy lifting yourself. And for the majority of organizations, it starts with remembering one key truth:

Your prospects (and clients) don’t care about you — they only care about how you can solve their problem. So your job — whether it be on the web, social media, email, at trade shows, or anywhere else — is to prove to them that you understand their problem, and that you are an expert at solving it. That’s it.

From an SEO perspective, this means that your website (and your social platforms) must have deep content that accomplishes this task. Users will google their questions, or google what they think is the right answer, and if you’ve done your job correctly, your content will be at the top of the search results.

Here’s a simple two-step process for doing this:

Step one: Problem identification
Brainstorm 100 problems that your prospects/clients/members/sponsors have. If you’re not sure, ask your colleagues, ask them, or do some market research.
For each problem, brainstorm two potential solutions to it.
For each solution, come up with one “implementation”/how-to idea
For each solution, come up with one “be careful”/risk mitigation idea.
You now have a list of 500 potential blog-posts, each of which can also be changed into a video. Organize them by priority: the most common issues first.

Step two: Content creation
Each week, create at least one blog post from this list, with the title being the problem you solve (or the solution, or the implementation or be careful idea. Before too long, you will have hundreds of deep link posts that will be far more enduring than chasing the latest SEO shiny object.

This week’s action plan:

Before spending a nickel on a so-called SEO expert, spend some time thinking about the problems your prospects, clients, or members have recently asked you to solve. This week, check Google, and see who else is solving it. If it’s not you, then use this strategy to make a change.

Marketing Insight: Need proof this strategy works? Try googling “Choosing a Digital Strategy Speaker”. Skip the ads, but (hopefully) you should see my name and website front and center.

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