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Building Growth into New & Existing Products: Mariner’s Bow Boosts Client Sales Thru Research, Marketing Strategy, App Designs
Leila Belmahi --  Growth Strategy Consultant Leila Belmahi -- Growth Strategy Consultant
New York , NY
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Leila Belmahi -- Growth Strategy Consultant
Never discount the wisdom and knowledge to be gleaned from listening carefully to your parents and their friends talking and telling stories at the dinner table; Leila Belmahi, CEO of Mariner's Bow, never did and those wide and varied discussions provided by her entrepreneurial parents proved a valuable foundation in her successful business career. Two years ago, following stints with various Fortune 100 companies, Belmahi launched Mariner's Bow as a vehicle for major corporations and starts-ups to correctly assess and identify successful product strategies. Before starting Mariner's Bow, Belmahi demonstrated her ability to breathe new life into iconic products, such as Hershey chocolate bars, or provide innovative entrepreneurs a successful path forward.
Large organizations can easily get bogged down in bureaucratic muddle or infighting and lose sight of market changes which need to be recognized and acted upon. Companies resting on laurels of brand success, possibly going back decades, might overlook or miss revolutionary shifts in technology or consumer tastes and sustain long-term damage, sometimes irreparable. This is where Mariner's Bow comes in with cutting edge research techniques designed to discover and offer fresh perspectives to transform brand tactics and marketing strategies. In just 2 years, Mariner's Bow now proudly works with Microsoft and their product development work was honored by the Governor of Maine for its contribution to the state. 

Able to ramp up operations quickly, Belmahi's team DefinesTests and Builds market ready prototypes on the road to, as it says on their website, "Turning do-good ambitions into profitable businesses." Looking at a situation from many angles, Belmahi brings a wealth of experience from prior engagements with Disney, McDonalds, American Express, Pfizer, and many others to her work at Mariner's Bow, focused on helping companies of all sizes grow.  

Under the heading Business Transformation, they possess a team of "designers and developers" that "create market-ready assets so that you can get to revenue quickly." Under Market Research, they strive to help "companies feeling stuck into big-wins that cost less than their original plan." Under New Product Development, it is noted that "complex challenges often have simple solutions when we look at them with the right eyes." Under Branding and Naming, they make sure a target audience says, "Where have you been all my life." Under User Experience, it is designing "apps and refined physical UX for massive companies and mighty startups you'll soon hear about!"
In an effort to streamline the process, they built a poetically named app, Jungle Insights, to communicate with clients during the innovation process, and are currently offering a FREE E-BOOK, The 5 Marketing Secrets to Break-Through Innovation That Have Led to Billions in Revenue, that will be sent to your email upon registration.

Mariner's Bow CEO Leila Belmahi on "Successful The First Time" Innovation



About Leila Belmahi:
Leila Belmahi is the CEO of New York City and Miami-based innovation and growth strategy firm, Mariner’s Bow. The award-winning, global firm specializes in market research, product development, branding and marketing strategy for do-good businesses.
Over the last decade, Leila has used her proven methodology for research-validated innovation to help over 200 clients (like Microsoft, American Express, Hershey, and many more) make billions. Her product development work was recently honored by the Governor of Maine for its contribution to the state.
Leila combines an operator's perspective with management consulting best practices, earned through both working in Fortune 100s and global management consultancies and launching her own businesses. Though Leila believes many of her best lessons in business came from family dinners growing up with entrepreneurial parents discussing the importance of down-to-earth values and business practices.
Leila helps her clients understand exactly what their customers want and innovates to create what's next.
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