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Building Confidence in Yourself and Others
The Kevin Eikenberry Group The Kevin Eikenberry Group
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Indianapolis, IN
Sunday, October 17, 2021


building confidenceI have two quick questions for you. First, in general, what is your confidence level? And in general, how would your results change if your confidence was higher? Your unspoken answers to those questions likely prove my point: building confidence is a proven and effective way to get better results in most any area of our lives.

And, since you are likely reading as a leader and coach (and possibly a parent), you now realize by extension that if we can help build confidence in others, we can help them get better results, too.

Research confirms our little thought experiment. So why isn’t more time spent teaching us about building confidence?

Why aren’t there classes in school or training at work to help us gain the leverage that comes from higher confidence? After all, confidence improves our results both short and long term. Confidence allows and encourages us to try new things, adapt, flex, overpower uncertainty, and actually get better, too.

I don’t know why there has not historically been more focus and training on the skill of building confidence. But I have done something about it.

The Building Confidence in Yourself and Others Master Class

There are a few different takes on the Master Class format. Almost all versions give learners access to valuable content in bite-sized pieces. They are consumable whenever and wherever you want, in whatever order you prefer. You can find Master Classes on virtually any topic, hobby, or skillset. While you might want to be a better cook, writer, or photographer, you will learn anything more effectively when your confidence is higher!

In this Master Class, you will learn timeless skills and the latest strategies for:

  • The fundamentals of confidence
  • Avoiding the dark side of confidence
  • The confidence competence loop
  • Assessing your confidence
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Building confidence in others

You can get the details and get instant access to the 17 video lessons in this course (plus 6 bonus resources) here.

Become a PRO Member – and Get This Master Class for Free!

When you register for the Building Confidence in Yourself and Others Master Class, you can also upgrade to a PRO membership. ?PRO Membership offers you exclusive access to three foundational Master Classes (Remarkable Learning, Remarkable Mindsets, and Remarkable Productivity) and other additional resources curated just for you. Upgrade to PRO Membership with a Master Class purchase and get your initial Master Class for free. That’s right – when you upgrade to PRO your investment for the Building Confidence in Yourself and Others Master Class is zero! ?PRO Members also receive discounts on all future Master Classes, as well as our entire catalog of Virtual and On-Demand Workshops.

Let’s Get Started

As you learn how to assess and build your confidence in any situation, you will have less stress and frustration, seize more opportunities, and get better at everything you do. These are skills that will reduce your frustration and improve your results and happiness for the rest of your career. It might be the best $79 you ever invest in yourself.

If you are thinking about this organizationally, and want to discuss this in more depth or understand our volume discounts, send an email here.

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