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Breakthrough Book Reveals Truth about Plastics & the Environment
Chris DeArmitt - Leading Plastics & Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker Chris DeArmitt - Leading Plastics & Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker
Cincinnati , OH
Saturday, March 07, 2020

Plastics Paradox Book

These days it is so easy to get information, but the problem is that no-one is checking it. The public and politicians alike have formed opinions about plastic and the environment, but those views are based on nothing more than internet gossip.

Dr. DeArmitt is a career scientist and when he discovered that his kids were being taught lies about plastics at school, he decided enough was enough. His answer was to spend one year reading over 400 scientific articles and reports and what he uncovered was shocking.

It turns out that virtually everything we have been led to believe is a pure fabrication. That's right! When you check the science, you discover the exact opposite is true:

  • We are told plastics create a waste problem when the science shows plastics are just 13% of waste and that they have dramatically reduced our waste production.
  • We are told plastics take 1000 years to degrade but when scientists checked, their experiments proved that a plastic grocery bag completely disintegrates in less than one year outdoors.
  • We are told there are floating islands of plastic as large as a country in the ocean but they don't exist. You can't see them by satellite and you can't tell there's anything there, even if you swim through one.
  • We are told to replace plastics with greener alternatives, but when you check the lifecycle analyses, plastics are almost always far greener than cotton, metal, glass or paper.

These are just a few of the lies we have been brainwashed with. This disinformation has led to policies that do great harm to the environment. Read The Plastics Paradox to get the facts you need to make wise choices. Unlike the nonsense on the internet, everything in the book is supported by scientific proof and checked by independent experts. This is the only place where you will get solid information presented in an easy-to-understand way.


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