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Breaking Tradition in Giving and Receiving continues to evolve Technology and Innovation to be more Productive
Rose Lee Archer  M.S. Rose Lee Archer M.S.
Palm Beach County, FL
Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Breaking tradition in giving and receiving continues to evolve.  

Technology and innovation helps us be more productive & attractive. 

The greatest contribution we can offer is helping another achieve an independent & productive life.

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 1,500 babies in the US are born with upper limb reductions each year.  These children face various issues and difficulties including: Difficulties with normal development such as motor skills, Needing assistance with daily activities such as self-care, Limitations with certain movements, sports, or activities & Potential emotional and social issues because of physical appearance.

Three 12 year old girls teamed up with educators to meet the challenge of creating prosthetic hands for children in need, sponsored by Belk. The Hand a thon offers an opportunity for other children with upper limb reductions to function with more abilities in society and enjoy an independent and productive life.

The Millennial Generation fear being ordinary and try to stand out by being creative to make a statement.   Adelaide Polk-Bauman bridal style and jewelry trends expert share the hottest nuptial trends in wedding registry categories that break tradition by connecting their gift choices to social responsibility.

Father's Day and Graduation are time to celebrate Dad with the love he deserves and the new grad reaching one of life's major milestones.  My favorite quotes from Willliam Shakespeare is…it is a wise fathe that know his own child. And I say it's a wise child that thinks about doing something special for his father. Scott Steinberg, World famous Technology, Business and Parenting Expert offered his gift choices to take the guess work out of gift giving and Mario Armstrong, Emmy Award Winning Technology and Digital Lifestyle Commentator presented great gift ideas that can help you multi task or stay entertained.  If the favorite man in your life is a gadget man, grill master, fisherman or a tool guru we have George to the Rescue- Home Improvement Specialist on NBC and father of three, George Elephant crafted a hot list of budget-friendly gifts and must-have's .

Recent statistics show men are gaining on women when it comes to spending time and money to look their best.  In fact, 7 out of 10 men feel it's important to look good physically in order to succeed personally and professionally.  Michael O'Connor, Celebrity stylist &  top Manhattan Dermatologist, Dr. Cameron Rokhsar offered research that indicates, 59% of American men say personal care products boost their self-esteem.  This proves male grooming attitudes are changing. Michael and Dr. Rokhsar offered suggestions to improve professional and personal grooming trends.

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